Frequently Asked Questions

October 31, 2017


1. I am having a reaction to something! ... WHAT DO I DO?

If you are having a reaction to something there are 3 questions we ask right away.

    1. Diet - did you recently eat, drink, put something on your skin that you have never tried before and might be allergic too?
    2. Environment - have you travelled anywhere recently, or are the seasons changing where you could be exposed to something?
    3. Stress - are you dealing with stress, physical or emotional and your skin is hyper sensitive as a result?

Our first suggestion for treatment is almost always... nothing. Reflect on the root of the problem, minimize opportunity for more irritation, and monitor the situation.

Wash off whatever might have caused the reaction, hydrate, and moisturize with something hypoallergenic like the Base Face Oil.  If the symptoms progress seek medical help. A cooling treatment with witch hazel, aloe water, or rose water diluted in water is often effective. A zinc based cream like the Safe Summer Skin Cream can also be effective after you have determined the root cause of the problem. 

Perhaps book in with our in house herbalist, Avery, of Mindful Medicine. You may benefit from a consultation to get to the root of the problem. 

2. I recently started dealing with adult acne, why am I suddenly dealing with this skin problem?

Adult acne is one of the most common skin conditions we hear about. Often due to hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth controls, or even diet and topical creams rich in estrogen mimicking ingredients. We must ask... how serious is your acne? Take a look at our acne classification blog post here
Usually when we break out we assume it is because we are dirty, and we wash with soap more and more. This disrupts the natural state of the skin creating an even more hospitable breeding ground for bacteria. 
Try the Glitter Face Line - following the routines outlined by the "Annoyed by Acne" skincare personality. 

3. I am having a break out... What do I do?

Break outs happen to everyone. Usually at the most inconvenient time possible. Here is the pep talk we give ourselves when it happens.
"DON'T TOUCH IT! Don't touch it... RESIST! This will go away so much faster if you resist the urge!"
Seriously, the recovery time for picking a zit and not picking a zit is trifold! But, we know the reality of this situation is sometimes you can't help it! If you must pick (which again we are not recommending) try pulling the skin away from the pimple to pop it instead of squeezing it like a mountain.
If you popped the pimple you must make sure the infection does not spread. DO NOT EXFOLIATE the open wound. Try applying some clay to the sore and letting it dry. Where to get clay.
Try spraying the Saving Face Toner on the zit to make sure bacteria doesn't spread and create a new infection under the skin. 

4. I never understood the purpose of a Toner, why should I use one?

The toner acts to balance the PH of your skin. It helps to reduce the risk of breakouts and other topical reactions. Other ingredients in a toner can help to balance the state of your top layer of skin quickly. 
Toners rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (like ours) will also exfoliate your skin leaving it looking tighter, and younger. Learn more about the types of exfoliation here

5. How often should I exfoliate?

There are two kinds of exfoliation (physical and chemical). Physical exfoliation is best practiced a maximum of 2-3 times per week, while natural chemical exfoliation with AHA's & BHA's (in the toner) can be done daily. Read more about exfoliation.
If you are over 25 you can exfoliate more often because your skin is not as good at turning over as it used to be. A regular exfoliation practice with age will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. If you are younger and acne-prone, exfoliation can help to clean out dirt and infection in the pores which can cause break outs. 

6. How often should I wash my face?

It depends on your lifestyle...
- Do you touch your face, wear makeup, sweat often, struggle with acne? You will probably want to wash your face in the morning and evening and after the gym.
- Do you rarely wash your face, wear makeup, sweat, or struggle with acne? You probably don't need to wash your face unless you feel the need to clean off the grime. If you never use soap... don't start. Here is why:
Your skin has a bacterial flora just like your gut. Some people have more imbalanced skin flora than others. Often this is due to makeup use, excessive sweating, or hormonal imbalances. When there is an increased level of bad bacterial growth on the skin like dirt, makeup, sweat or anything that should be washed off, it is beneficial to use a face cleanser. 

7. Will Miiko Face Oil make my face more oily?

It shouldn't. Your skin naturally produces oil (called sebum) and it serves an important roll to keep your skin hydrated. Oily skin is almost always caused due to excessive washing which strips your skin of oils. 
Think about your hair... When you were a kid you never had oily hair. Then you started washing your hair and it got greasier. The more you washed it the faster it got greasy again. Your skin is the same... 
Using oil like Organic Jojoba Oil mimics your skins natural state and helps to trick your skin into thinking it has produced enough oil. Using Miiko Face Oil actually helps to balance over production of oil on the skin.

8. What is the difference between a cream and a face oil?

The main difference between a cream and a face oil is a cream is mostly water while an oil is mostly oil. 
A cream or medical oitment is water-based so it can pass through the top lipid-loving layer of skin quickly and deliver water or medication into the bloodstream. Creams will provide better short-term hydration. An oil will move into the top layer of skin and hang out there, hydrating and strengthening the brick and mortar wall for long-term hydration.
If you have used an oil over a cream for any length of time (longer than 28 days) you will be more used to oils and the skin will enjoy oils more quickly!

9. Is there Glitter in the Glitter Face Oil?

NO... hehe. This is probably the most common question for obvious reasons. We named the Glitter Face Oil in tribute to our best girl friends here in Victoria. This group of girls has supported each other through tough times and the Glitter Face Oil is for any girl from teenager to late thirties who loves to live, loves her friends, and goes through ups and downs embracing them in the moment!

10. Will Miiko make my wrinkles go away?

That would be great wouldn't it? We can definitely make a difference to the appearance of the fine lines and discolouration of the skin, but to eliminate years from your skin is not a natural process. 
Using Face Oils rich in antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C (found in the essential oils and wild rose hip seed oil) will reduce the signs of free-radical damage on the skin and help to minimize imperfections on the skin.
Using the Konjac Sponge and the Face Toner will help exfoliate and reduce fine lines on the face!

11. I recently changed my diet to be more vegan based, but my skin is breaking out. Why is that?

The health of our skin tissue is built on the natural oils in our skin. A dramatic diet change that reduces the level of natural oils and amino acids we are consuming can effect the skin. Here are a few supplements to consider taking to support your skins health from the inside out. 
  •  l-lysine
  •  gotu-kola
  •  omega 3 or fish oil
  •  bone broth
  •  zinc
  •  vitamin A, D, E

     If you're eating the majority of your foods raw, try lightly steaming or cooking them with warming spices instead. Some of us have a harder time digesting raw foods, and in turn it creates inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract which can lead to break outs and acne.