Holiday Gift Guide

November 20, 2018


miiko collective holiday gift guide
Support local business this holiday season

We love supporting small business, and what better way to encourage our local economy by telling YOU what we are LOVING this holiday season!
We've chosen a few items that should make your Christmas wish-lists this year. Whether hand-made, reusable and zero-waste, or timeless art, we have put together a list of our favourites that we hope you enjoy too!

 ...AND as a very special thank you to all our beloved customers and readers, when you get to the bottom of this post, we have put together a list of discounts from our local businesses featured in our gift guide! Happy Holidays!


Just add wine bundle

By Miiko Skin Co

just add wine bundle

Includes: Vanilla Body Oil, Rose Renewal Scrub, 5ml sample of Simplicity Serum, wooden scoop.

This bundle is for anyone who loves an evening of self-care. Add the Vanilla Body Oil to the bath, pour a glass of wine, and give your body a Rose Renewal scrub. Who knows who will rise out of the tub.

Gift Idea: wrap this bundle up with a bottle of wine, candles, and a soothing playlist and give it to the hostess with the mostess… which might be you… this might be a me gift. You always have the best taste anyways.

Why we love it: We don't mean to toot our own horns, but this holiday bundle has been packaged for the romantic heart. What better way to pamper a loved one with the intent to spoil them with self-care!

Where to find it:
Online shop at Miiko
Retail Location Miiko HQ


Massage Bundle

by Miiko Skin Co

 the massage bundle

Includes: Arnica Balm, Orange Cocoa Whip Body Butter

These two body care products are the perfect pairing for anyone who loves getting deep tissue treatments like massage or acupuncture.

Gift Idea: buy someone a massage or self-care treatment and bundle it with the Massage Bundle for something that can be enjoyed in the moment and remembered for years.

Why we love it: We pretty much love everything that insinuates massage. Blend these two incredible products with a treatment, and we're pretty sure your loved one will melt into a pile of bliss.

Where to find it:
Online shop at Miiko
Retail Location Miiko HQ


Bundle of Roses

By Miiko Skin Co

bundle of roses

Includes: Rose Renewal Scrub, Hazel Rose Toner, Luminous Serum, wooden scoop.

More than a bundle of roses, the number of roses in these products are enough to fill your house! From body care to face care to body mist, this collection lets you play in a field of roses from dawn till dusk.

Gift Idea: wrap this bundle in a box with rose petals and a dinner out at a local hotspot.

Why we love it: Although we love a good flower bouquet, this bundle is full of incredible scents, will last longer, and has countless benefits for the skin. We can't think of a nicer gesture for someone you think deserves a bundle of roses.

Where to find it:
Online shop at Miiko
Retail Location Miiko HQ


Facial Hair Care

By Miiko Skin Co

 facial hair care

Includes: Travel Wash, Apple Toner, Simplicity Serum, 10ml sample of Shea Butter.

This bundle is to groom and maintain healthy facial hair. Whether you are looking to maintain a manicured mustache, tame a bountiful beard, or nip ingrown hairs in the bud after shaving, this collection is a helpful tool to maintain finicky facial hair.

Gift Idea: wrap this bundle with a bag of local artisan coffee and a growler of beer, and you have yourself a west coast themed gift.

Why we love it: We love a good mustache or beard, especially when it's been groomed ever-so nicely!

Where to find it:
Online shop at Miiko
Retail Location Miiko HQ


Afterparty - Herbal Tincture

By Mindful Medicine

 mindful medicine herbal hangover

Afterparty is formulated for just that, the effects of after the party. The herbs have been chosen to help bring relief to nausea, headache and migraine, body aches and pains and brain fog. Herbal tinctures are all natural remedies with little to no side-effects and will help restore vitality so you can feel at your best.

Gift Idea: If you were planning on gifting someone a nice bottle of wine, this is a lovely pairing! That way, you can get festive AF, and skip the hangover the next day!

Why we love it: Because it works! Need we say more?!

Where to find it:
Online Shop Mindful Medicine
Retail Location Miiko HQ


Goldilocks Wraps

By Goldilocks

goldilocks wraps

Goldilocks Wraps are an all natural, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. As reusable food wrap, you can use them to store fruits & vegetables, preserve cheeses, leftovers or take snacks on the go.

"The average person uses over 2000 square feet of plastic every year, and our goal is to combat these single use plastics by replacing them with something that is not only practical but beautiful as well!" - Amy Hall, Founder and CEO

Gift Idea: This is a great gift for anyone or a perfect stocking stuffer! Useful and sustainable all in a funky pattern? Yes please!

Why we love it: Reducing waste and plastic consumption should be at the top of everyone's list! Not only are these wraps practical and affordable AF, but when you choose to purchase and use reusuable products, you can feel proud you are doing your part for the earth!

Where to find it:
Online Shop for Goldilocks



By Kodo Collection

kodo collection bath soak

Sink deep into a state of relaxation and the restorative properties of RESTORE Bath Soak.  A luxurious blend of aromatherapy essential oils and Dead Sea Salts soften skin and relax sore muscles. RESTORE is blended with Dead Sea Salts because they have the greatest concentration of minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium that soften skin and relax sore muscles.  All of these minerals are believed to work together to assist in relaxing the body and soothes to provide a sense of well being. The aromatherapy blend of Rose, Frankincense, Geranium, Benzoin and Bergamot has a deep woody and floral presence with a touch of citrus to uplift your spirits.

Gift Idea: Pair this bath soak with a beautiful, clean burning candle and you've got yourself a primo gift.

Why we love it: Because an epic blend of salts and essential oils only mean good things are happening.

Where to find it:
Online Shop KODO Collection
Retail Location Miiko HQ


Merino Wool Cowl

By Christie Bodden

christie bodden designs

This goregous cowl is made of 100% oh-so-soft Merino Wool and feels just as amazing as it looks. Perfect for a day of hiking or a night out with your friends, the versatility of this cowl knows no bounds! Stay cozy while looking all sorts of beautiful!

Gift Idea: No matter if this gift is given alone or paired with something else cozy, we think you should buy one for yourself so you can join your loved one for outdoor winter adventures.

Why we love it: We are always after cozy snuggly items that are not only fashionable, but keep out the brisk winter chill.

Where to find it:
Online Shop Christie Bodden


Vancouver Island Wood Sign

By Decor by Nature

vancouver island painted sign decor by nature

Decor By Nature specializes in design and decor inspired by nature. Wood, canvas and fibre art, wall hangings and growth charts perfect for your home, playroom or nursery. This local favourite is ready to hang and is made of stained pine wood, hand-painted with black paint. It measures 26 inches long x 14 inches wide.

Gift Idea: Gift this local art to someone who loves the west coast vibes and wants to bring more nature into their home.

Why we love it: As islanders ourselves, we can't help but LOVE this piece. If the island vibe isn't your thing, then check out Melanie's countless other nature inspired designs!

Where to find it:
The Owl Designer Fair - November 23/24th at the Fernwood center in Victoria BC.
Vancouver Island Market Pop Up - December 14-16th in Nanaimo BC.


Baby’s First Year in the Pacific Northwest Calendar

By Blue Heron Art

baby's first year calendar

Parents say: "Baby's First Year was the most special baby gift I got, out of everything." Keep memories and milestones of each month in an easy-to-use calendar that starts when the baby starts.  Photos - likes and laughs - playing and growing - plus stickers and family tree. All in neutral language for all families.

Gift idea: A thoughtful gift for the new parents in your life.


Why we love it: Who doesn't love a special keepsake for one of the most memorable years of a family's life.


Where to find it:

Online Shop Blue Heron Art





StinkPretty Natural Deodorant

 By Whiffcraft

stinkpretty whiffcraft natural deodorant

Whiffcraft's aluminum-free natural deodorant cream uses coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils to kill odour-causing bacteria and absorb unwanted moisture. 

Gift idea: Gift this natural deodorant to someone who appreciates a good pun, and is looking to make the switch from store-brand hygiene products, to chemical-free goddess vibes.

Why we love it: It's using high-quality scented goodness as a toxin-free way to leave you feeling fresh all day. We've tried so many natural deodorants, and this one is a keeper!


Where to find it:
Online Shop Whiffcraft

Retail Location Miiko HQ



West Coast Wilder, handwoven overthrow

By La Loba Jewels

West Coast Wilder, handwoven overthrow la loba jewels

Created in adoration for this beautiful wild west coast we inhabit. This piece is woven on a SAORI loom, made in Japan with the intention of weaving being an art of zen. Taking up to 20 hours to create, there is love and dedication poured into this garment.


Gift idea: A perfect west coast style, suitable for any fashion forward loved one that you want to treat.


Why we love it: We love absolutely everything that La Loba Jewels creates. Hand-made, hand-crafted, slow fashion with ethical values, all wrapped up in beautiful statement pieces inspired by the west coast. You'll catch us wearing her pieces on most days!


Where to find it:

Online Shop La Loba Jewels

You'll find some of her hand-woven wall hangings at our Retail Location Miiko HQ


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