Miiko Holiday Collections Are Here

November 29, 2018

This winter we have introduced two brand new products to the Miiko Skin Co collection and carefully curated some gift ideas for you to easily pamper your mother, treat your friend, spoil your partner, and find the perfect "ME" gift along the way!

couple holding hands being romantic

Massage Bundle

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$52 (Save $2)

What it includes:

Arnica Balm, Orange Cocoa Whip Body Butter

These two body care products are perfect for the person who needs some extra deep tissue love. 

Gift Idea: Buy a  massage or self-care treatment gift card and bundle it with our Massage Bundle and gift an experience that will truly be appreciated. 

Why we recommend it:

If there is a massage insinuated in a present we are IN! Nothing says self care like a massage with two products that will not only reduce inflammation but smell like orange chocolate bliss. 

girl in sweater holding a gift wrapped present

  • The Massage Bundle is pre-wrapped for your convenience.
  • Arnica is traditionally used for sore muscles and achy joints. 
  • Incorporate heat or cold packs if desired.
  • Arnica Balm contains juniper berry, peppermint camphor and frankincense essential oils which are anti-inflammatory and cooling to the superficial tissues.
  • Orange Cocoa-Whip is the perfect massage lotion created for treating yourself or your partner.


face toner with rose petals

Bundle Of Roses

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$80 (Save $4)

What it includes:

Rose Renewal Scrub, Hazel Rose Toner, Luminous Serum, Wooden Scoop (only available in bundle).

This collection embodies the essence of delivering a beautiful bouquet of roses but through a product line that will last 5x longer!

Gift Idea: Gift this bundle with a single rose and a card inviting the recipient out to dinner at a their favourite local hotspot.

Why we recommend it:

We can't think of a nicer gesture for someone you think deserves a bundle of roses.  Each product is versatile and delivers therapeutic benefits to the skin. 

blue and white furoshiki wrapped gift


  • The Bundle of Roses is a versatile collection. Each product offers a variety of potential uses. 
  • This bundle is pre-wrapped for your convenience.
  • The Rose Renewal can be used as an additive to any bath for muscle relief, and relaxation. Add 1 scoop to your bath.
  • Use the Rose Renewal gently across the body for a total body scrub.
  • Massage a few pumps of Serum onto the face, pat the Rose Renewal onto the face and steam with washcloth for deeply stimulating mask treatment.
  • Use Luminous Serum and Hazel Rose Toner in combination to achieve wonderfully supple skin after the bath/shower.
  • Use Hazel Rose Toner on the body or linens for aromatherapy.


girl in bath with quality skin care products

Just Add Wine Bundle

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$60 (+ free sample)

What it includes:

Vanilla Body Oil, Rose Renewal Scrub, 5ml sample of Simplicity Serum

This bundle is for: the self-care enthusiast, anyone who loves a bath, anyone who loves wine, anyone who loves taking time out of the day for themselves... all of the above!

Gift Idea: Wrap this bundle up with a bottle of wine, candles, and a soothing playlist and give it to the hostess with the mostess… which might be you… this might be a me gift. You always have the best taste anyways.

Why we recommend it:

This holiday bundle has been packaged for the romantic heart. What better way to pamper a loved one with the intent to spoil them with self-care!

gift wrapped holiday skin care

  • The Just Add Wine Bundle is pre-wrapped for your convenience.
  • The Rose Renewal can be used as an additive to any bath for muscle relief and relaxation. Just add 1 scoop.
  • Use the Rose Renewal gently across the body for a total body scrub.
  • Massage a few drops of the Simplicity Serum sample onto the face, pat the Rose Renewal onto the face and steam with a warm washcloth for a deeply stimulating mask treatment.
  • Add 4 pumps Vanilla Body Oil to bath for incredibly soft skin and aromatherapy treatment.
  • Apply Vanilla Body Oil generously post bath for silky smooth skin.


man with mustache holing skeleton head with mustache       Facial Hair Care

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$66 (Save $2 + free sample)

What it includes:

Travel Wash, Apple Toner, Simplicity Serum, 10ml sample of Shea Butter.

We created a kit for grooming and maintaining healthy facial hair. Whether you are looking to maintain a manicured mustache, tame a bountiful beard, or nip ingrown hairs in the bud after shaving, this collection is a helpful tool to maintain finicky facial hair.

Gift Idea: Wrap this bundle with a bag of local artisan coffee and/or a growler of beer and/or a flannel button down and you have the ultimate west coast gift. 

Why we recommend it:

We love a good mustache or beard, especially when it's been groomed ever-so nicely!

person holding gift wrapped present

  • The Facial Hair Care Bundle is pre-wrapped for your convenience. As well we have a list of instructions for the product uses. 
  • Good for freshly shaved skin, healing skin, and reducing ingrown hairs.
  • Good for irritated skin underneath the beard. 
  • Great for moisturizing and taming facial hair to make it softer underneath the mistletoe.
  • Shake Travel Wash, then use to create a lather on dry skin for a simple shave or use it as a gentle cleanser on any facial hair.
  • Apple Toner works as an aftershave, and as a facial spray to increase beard shine and reduce irritated skin under any amount of stubble.
  • Use Simplicity Serum daily to nourish beard hair and hydrate the skin below.
  • Use Shea butter as a beard or mustache shaping balm.


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