Part-time Job opening - The Abacus

July 28, 2016


The Abacus - Job Description

Job Summary:

 Work at the grassroots of a fresh local sustainable skincare brand on Vancouver Island with a small team of young professionals and witness how your efforts and ideas can shape a business. This position is focused on tracking inventory as it moves along the manufacturing line. From -raw ingredients and packaging- to finished product- to its final sale and shipment- the Abacus will report inventory levels every month to the team.



Inventory Manager

  1. Events, Workshops, and Markets:
    • Responsible for packing/unpacking for events, markets, or workshops (2-3 each month) and recording inventory
  1. Manufacturing Skincare:
    • Apprentice under Kimiko and learn how to make Miiko Skin Co products.
    • As ingredients, packaging, and equipment are used in production the Abacus will have to record everything for their inventory system.
  1. Packing/Filling skincare orders:
    • Online customer orders and wholesale orders are packed thoughtfully and filled following our standard procedure.
    • The Abacus gets to pack, wrap, and finesse each order as it leaves to the hands of a customer or wholesaler. Inventory of shipping materials, marketing materials, and products also need to be tracked for smooth operating systems

Candidate Qualifications:

  1. Loves natural skincare. You love skincare and want to learn about the power of natural ingredients and how they can be formulated for professional skincare. You are passionate about health, wellness, natural products, community, learning, sustainability and innovative business. You believe in local business and ethics of sustainability. You love learning, and you love Miiko Skin Co.
  1. Sharp mathematical skills. Comfortable with units of measurement and conversions. (I.e. millilitres to litres to cups to ounces to grams)
  1. Loves tracking/recording things…levels, quantities, numbers, progress reports etc… LOVES organizing. Works well with a check-list. Has a tendency to re-organize spaces/areas for tidiness and peace of mind. Will contribute to a clean workspace.
  1. Managing a critical system in the business and being the leader in that position is exciting to you.
  1. A kinaesthetic learner. You take pride in physically accomplishing a task (such as making a product, packaging an order, or packing for an event) and looking at the visual results.
  1. Works well independently. This is an empowered workplace. It is important you are self-driven and carry a responsible work ethic 
  1. Quick to learn new apps and software. We are an evolving business and use a wide range of software systems online: Google Drive, Shopify, Customer Relationship Software, and Evernote. You should be comfortable to shift between physical labour and computer work with ease.


Physical Requirements:

  1. Can lift heavy totes (20lbs). (Packing for events). This job is slightly physical.
  1. Valid drivers license & reliable vehicle. – position is located in Shawnigan Lake until February 2017. Gas is compensated per shift.
  1. Part-time: This position is ideal for someone looking for 10-12 hours of work per week with the possibility for full-time in the future. Exact hours, days of week, and wage will be negotiated for the right candidate.


We are looking someone excited and enthusiastic about Miiko Skin Co as a new innovative skincare business. You will be helping to lay the foundation of a business and its shape in the future. Your job is to excel in your position and we encourage micro-entrepreneurism under the umbrella of Miiko Skin Co to innovate how flexible successful business can be.


Application Letter

Please answer the following questions and submit them along with your resume.


  1. Why do you want to work for Miiko Skin Co? (100-200 words)
  1. What is your availability? (days, times, hours)
  1. What aspect of this position excites you the most? AND The least? (500 words MAX)
  1. What do you want to learn from this opportunity? (500 words MAX) 
  1. What skills and experience do you bring to the business that could help improve efficiency? (500 words MAX)
  1. What do you want to tell us about yourself that is not included in your resume? (500 words MAX)


Submit application letter and resume to: by August 15 2016