How to take care of your skin with nutrition in mind (a Reboot Refresh)

October 02, 2018

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The seasons are changing and so is our skin! Last April we led a 4 week Skin Reboot Challenge. This consisted of more than 100 people joining us on transforming our skin health through eating a nutrient-dense whole foods diet and increasing awareness of our elimination systems.

This is your Skin Reboot Refresh blog post for you to dive into a few of the awesome resources we created to help you better understand how skin health is both internal and external. While we can provide a few suggestions on where to start when looking to improve your skin health this fall we are not medical professionals and we always recommend you consult your physician when looking for medical advice.


Skin Health: The Importance of Elimination (pooptalk)

When we ingest things through eating, breathing, or applying topically, our body gets rid of what it cannot use through our elimination pathways. This means pathogens, allergens, and immunity issues can come to the surface via the skin when our elimination pathways aren't moving as they should.

    • Think of a car going through a tunnel, only to come to the other end and realize the exit is blocked. The car will have to turn around and find an alternative way out.
  • Often chronic skin conditions are a symptom of an internal issue. For example, acne can be caused by a number of things, including food sensitivities, poor nutrition, or hormonal issues.
  • Chronic skin conditions can be complicated to treat, but a good starting point is to work on effectively supporting your elimination pathways such as healthy bowel movements, urination, sweating, and getting exercise to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Quick tip: letting your skin breathe by removing make-up and clothing with plastic ingredients while you sleep is a great way to support your skins natural elimination of toxins.

poop talk chronicles
Read the full blog on poop talk

    Avery is our local herbalist. During the Skin Reboot, she wrote a complete series of hilarious punny blog posts on the connection between poop health and the ideal skin glow. If you would like to access the complete series click here



    Hydration is a vital piece to wellness and healthy glowing skin. When we are dehydrated, our body can't function at its best, and the systems of elimination become compromised.

    • Drinking enough water throughout the day, along with herbal teas and minerals can help our systems thrive and hydrate our skin to get that healthy glow.
    • There is more to hydration than drinking water. Ingesting naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes are essential to the function of the kidneys and urinary health.
    • Try adding sea salt and lemon to your water in the morning for natural electrolytes and to help your body feel fully hydrated!

    Quick Tip: if you add lemon or herbs to your water make sure to peel the skin, so you are not ingesting any pesticide residues on the skin. Better yet... buy organic!

    Get a recipe for a home-made electrolyte drink


      Inflammatory Foods & Skin Health

      During the Skin Reboot Challenge, we spent 28 days (approximately one skin cycle) reducing our intake of inflammatory foods and increasing our intake of whole foods. If you want to see, the short list recommendations click here. 

      • Some foods can cause inflammatory reactions in certain people, and often those can lead to skin reactions. Avoiding those exacerbating foods can reduce symptoms of digestive upsets, skin breakouts, and long-term health issues.
      • We partnered up with local holistic nutritionist Ellie Shortt during the Skin Reboot for her insight on the connection between inflammatory foods and skin health. Read her guest blog post here.


      More Recipes Your Skin Will Love

      The best/worst part about the Skin Reboot Challenge was the amount of fun we had researching recipes on Pinterest. I mean who doesn't love drooling over allergen-free baked goods for 28 days? As a result, we collected a lot of recipes and tested them too! Here are a few recipes we loved for supporting skin health and elimination. 

      Miiko Skin Co Pinterest Page 

      Don't forget about exfoliation!

      The Skin Reboot Challenge focused on BOTH internal and external practices to maximize skin health. Exfoliation is just one of the topics we covered...

      When seasons change your skin may feel drier than usual. Exfoliating along with oil cleansing can help remove dead skin cells and replenish the outer-most layer of your skin.


      Reduce your toxic exposure!

      Limiting your exposure to toxins can lessen the burden on your body and leave your skin feeling less taxed. We suggest eating organic when possible and choosing natural ingredients over synthesized ones when buying your cosmetics.

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