Product Feature: Saving Face Toner

October 16, 2017

text: Product Feature Saving Face Toner, image two blue glass bottles with hummingbird and apple slices and flow petals featuring Miiko Skin Co products

We hope to build a connection between your daily Miiko Skin Co rituals and the stories behind the recipes. 

Introducing: Saving Face Toner 

The Backstory...In early 2014 founder, Kimiko Foster held a do-it-yourself skincare workshop on simple skin care recipes like lotion bars and sugar scrubs. In her research, she discovered that the skin was naturally acidic and that using a toner with apple cider vinegar was extremely beneficial for restoring the natural PH of the skin and reducing the risk of acne. With personal struggles with acne-prone skin, she was shocked to experience the results of a PH-balancing toner. Kimiko LOVES to talk about the acid mantle, so don't be afraid to ask.

If it were on the menu... Saving Face Toner

The Saving Face Toner is a crisp and refreshing tonic to be enjoyed after the Saving Face Wash and in combination with the Face Oils. It has a taste of fall, with light apple undertones, and a light hint of rose and lavender.

The Saving Face Toner can always be ordered without the apple cider vinegar for those with allergies, and customers are encouraged to enjoy this lovely refreshment morning, afternoon, and evening! 


 Common Questions:

What does a Toner do?
    Do I have to use a Toner?
      • You don't have to do anything!
      • We recommend the toner for acne-prone skin after the Saving Face Wash, and for a natural anti-aging treatment. 
      Can I order a custom Toner?
        • Yes! Please contact us privately to discuss your skin care needs!


        a shield made out of food art, using apple, pear, reships, lavender, honey and orange peel

        Meet the Saving Face Toner Team

        APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Unpasteurized, pesticide/herbicide-free, small-scale apples from the Lifecycle's Fruit Tree Project and Okanagan BC)

        ROSE GERANIUM WATER (aka. Rose Geranium Hydrosol) (Premium quality with chemical profile authentication from local supplier Genie in a Bottle.) 
        • What is a hydrosol? Hydrosols are made using a steam distillation process, where steam and heat are used to release the powerful "botanical extracts"  locked inside the plants. These same "botanical extracts" are used in many supplements and prescription drugs (just think about curcumin as a common supplement extracted from turmeric). Many essential oils are made using a steam distillation process too, but the essential oil and hydrosol are different products recovered during this process
        • Botanical name: Pelargonium roseum Properties: Antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, diuretic and healing.
        • Effects: calming, balancing and uplifting, helpful with the following conditions: acne, oily skin, bruises, burns, wounds, dermatitis, scars, edema, anxiety, depression, PMS, and menopause.
        LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (Premium quality with chemical profile authentication from local supplier Genie in a Bottle.) 
        Girl holding flower on top of mountain with ocean in the background

        Stories Worth Re-Telling: 

        1. Apples from your backyard... We connected with Spinnakers Brewpub in August 2016 as our local supplier of apple cider vinegar. Spinnakers Brewpub manufactures their apple cider vinegar working closely with the Lifecycle's Fruit Tree Project. If you are local to Victoria, BC and you have an apple tree, please consider registering it with the Fruit Tree Project! One day you could buy a Saving Face Toner made with apples from your own backyard!
        2. If you have a food allergy, we can make a custom product. In this day and age, having an allergy to a food is extremely common. We honor allergies and sensitivities at Miiko Skin Co and will make custom toners for our customers who have allergies to certain ingredients. We have serviced allergies to apple, pear, lavender, and rose already!


          • Image by: Lauren Ho. Lauren Ho is a Vancouver food artist who also works at the Juice Truck. She created our Saving Face Toner image using pear, apple, lavender, rosehips, orange zest, and honey. The shield image represents the "acid shield" aka "acid mantle."
          • Alternative uses: You can use it in your hair as a shine, you can use it on sunburns (Saving Face Toner). Use it to repel bugs, to disinfect, or as an additional natural treatment for athlete's foot!
          • Benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar  (Please do not drink the Saving Face Toner): have one tablespoon in the morning with water to help increase the production of hydrochloric acid (digestive juices) in the stomach which can help treat acid reflux.