Routines for your skin type- Miiko Skin Co

February 21, 2016


The way you use your Miiko Skin Co Products will change depending on your skin type, the season, and the climate.

Here are a few ways I use the products...

1. General Routine: Your Starting Point

Saving Face Wash + Saving Face Toner + light/moderate application of Face Oil 

  • Here is where you will discover the rate at which your skin will ingest oil.
  • Generally, this is a good daily routine for regular-dry skin types and anyone living in a dryer climate.
  • Women who do not deal with acne or blackheads enjoy this daily routine to help with age prevention, scar treatment, and reducing the signs of sun damage.
  • Suggested products: Saving Face Wash, Saving Face Toner, Glitter Face Oil, Golden Face Oil, & I-Coco

2. Morning Routine: Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Types:

Saving Face Wash + Saving Face Toner

  • This is your go-to routine for acne-prone and oily skin. This is also a great routine for active lifestyles. When you finish sweating at the gym or at a juicy yoga class wash out your pores with the Saving Face Wash, and balance the skin surface with the Saving Face Toner
  • Great for the summer season and more humid climates
  • Women love this routine for smaller pore size and reduced blackheads.
  • Regular use of the Saving Face Toner will provide a natural chemical exfoliation and contribute to a healthy glow of your skin. 
  • Suggested products: Saving Face Wash, Saving Face Toner,

3. Oil Cleansing Method + Toner: All skin types (1-3x per week) 

Gently massage a Miiko Skin Co Face Oil onto a dry face in circular motions, and rinse off using a warm cloth/warm water. Follow with a light use of the Saving Face Toner

  • Oil cleansing is a natural way of cleaning the skin without using any soap at all. After all traditional soap is made using an oil base. 
  • Also, oil cleansing will moisturize the skin and help strengthen the stratum corneum (the top layer of your skin)
  • This method will also help balance oil production on the skin. Letting the skin know it does not need to product anymore oil in the oily zones!
  • Completing this routine with toner will help reduce pore size and balance the skins PH.
  • Suggested products: Saving Face Wash, Saving Face Toner, Glitter Face Oil, Golden Face Oil, & I-Coco


2. Physical Exfoliation (DIY 1-2x per week)


  1. 5 pumps Face oil + 1/4 c epsom salts 
  2. 1 tsp I-coco + 1/4c morning coffee grounds
  • Using the Saving Face Toner will provide you with chemical exfoliation every day. (learn about the difference between physical and chemical exfoliation here)
  • Physical exfoliation is good for maintaing a healthy young skin tone, however it should not be practiced more than 2 times per week. Do not practice physical exfoliation if you suffer from severe bacterial acne inflammation. It is just spread the bacteria around. 


  • Let the epsom salts sit on your face to allow minerals to absorb into the skins surface. Helps to support mineral balance in the skin.
  • Apple the coffee grounds under the eyes to bring circulation to the surface of the skin and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

What works for you?

Please submit your routines to and we will add it to this list.