Safe Summer Skin Creams: Everything you need to know

June 05, 2018


Non-toxic sunscreen

What are the Safe Summer Skin Creams?

Our Safe Summer Skin Creams are Miiko Skin Co's safe alternative to traditional drugstore sunscreens. Zinc oxide (our main active ingredient) is a physical filter, which does not absorb into the skin, but sits on top and reflects UV radiation.

Our Safe Summer Skin Creams come in amber glass jars, and are safe for everyone to use... including children (although we do recommend checking in with a doctor if the child is under 2 years old).

We have two varieties available:

  1. Safe Summer Skin Cream 14%
  2. Safe Summer Skin Cream 20%

Why did we choose zinc as our main ingredient? Zinc protects against both UVA and UVB radiation, and it has very low toxicity ratings with the Environmental Working Group... making it one of the safest ingredients for the skin and the environment. And for any customers travelling to Hawaii, zinc sunblocks are not on the banned ingredient list!

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What's the difference between the two sun creams?

The main difference between the 14% and 20% is the amount of zinc in each. The concentration of zinc oxide in the final solution will determine the level of SPF. 
  • 14% = equivalent to about SPF 14
  • 20% = equivalent to about SPF 20
*The 14% also has mica glitter added to it for a subtle sparkle in the sun.

Will the product melt in the heat?

The product can melt at temperatures over 24 degrees, but we have had many customers who say they almost prefer the more liquid consistency as it makes it easier to spread on the body. Our containers are very leak proof, so as long as the lid is screwed on tightly, beach bags should be safe from spillage!

When not using the cream, or if any is left over from the summer months, it's best to store in a dark cupboard away in the bathroom or at home to store for next season. The Safe Summer Skin Creams can last up to two years after opening. 

Wholesale Information

Wholesale Price: $14
Suggested Retail Price: $28.00

Every Safe Summer Skin Cream ordered comes with an educational guide to give to customers upon purchase. This guide contains useful sun protection information, and ingredient information.

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