Bundle of Roses

More than a bundle of roses, the number of roses in these products is enough to fill your house! From body care to face care to body mist this collection lets you play in a field of roses from dawn till dusk.

Gift idea: wrap this bundle in a box with rose petals and a dinner out at a local hotspot.


How to Use:

  • The Rose Renewal can be used as an additive to any bath for muscle relief. Add 1 scoop.
  • Use the Rose Renewal gently across the body for a total body scrub.
  • Massage a few pumps of the Luminous Serum onto the face, pat the Rose Renewal onto the face and steam with a wash cloth for deeply stimulating mask treatment.
  • Use Luminous Serum and Hazel Rose Toner in combination to achieve wonderfully supple skin after the bath/shower.
  • Use Hazel Rose Toner on body or linens for aromatherapy.

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