Meet Our Team

Kimiko Foster
Founder and CEO

Kimiko is the founder of Miiko Skin Co and Seeds of Change Workshops. She has been teaching sustainable lifestyle practices since 2008, and manufacturing non-toxic skincare and household products since 2011.

Kimiko wears many hats (though you will never see her wearing one). Her primary role in the company is to develop the long-term strategies and organizational structure of the businesses. She is the events coordinator and public speaker for the company. She is also the lead sales associate at this time.



Sarah Higgins
Director of Online & Wholesale Operations 

As a long-time lover of all things skincare, Sarah has brought her extensive administrative and organizational skills into her role at Miiko Skin Co. This, along with her BA degree in Psychology, has allowed Sarah to thrive behind the scenes, and get to know our retailers & customers within the Miiko Community.

Sarah co-created the first marketing campaign at Miiko Skin Co (Nourish 2016), manages website security and updating, and successfully fostered publicity through applications and awards with Corporate Knights’ Magazine, EcoStar Awards, Douglas Magazine, and Victoria Business of Chambers.



Anneke Feuermann
Director of Marketing and Creative Design

Anneke is studying marketing at Camosun College and has spent a few years working with local YAM magazine as a co-op student. She became interested in Miiko Skin Co when she was given an opportunity to try the products at YAM.

Anneke co-created the first marketing campaign at Miiko Skin Co (Nourish 2016), as well as manages the Miiko Skin Co Instagram account. She has helped build an online brand through consistent messaging and envisioning the larger picture with image planning. Most recently, Anneke has also taken on the role of managing social media networking, collaborations, and public relation management.



Avery Herbert
Director of Manufacturing and Product Development

Avery is a registered medicinal herbalist and has been consulting with Miiko Skin Co and Seeds of Change Workshops on herbal insight and essential oil contraindications since December 2013.

Most recently she took on the role of events manager and retail inventory manager in August 2016. Avery has acted as a bridge between Victoria and Shawnigan Lake and help to make sure events and markets are packed/unpacked, and orders are filled and delivered. In 2017, Avery will continue to handle the orders and inventory for the online store and all packing for events.



Felicity Mutadi
Sales and Manufacturing

Felicity has been participating in Seeds of Change Workshops and manufacturing non-toxic household cleaners and skincare products since September 2014. Felicity has attended every SOC workshop, as well as participated in the focus group for Miiko Skin Co. She has attended two Miiko Spa Nights, and has even helped organize one! In November 2016, she co-facilitated a SOC soap-making workshop with great success!

Felicity currently manages the production of over 50% of the Miiko Skin Co line and has the capacity to run production out of her own home. She also enjoys running our booth at markets around Victoria, and is a sales rep extraordinaire!