Why Buy Refillable Products?

Save money, time, and packaging with refill size products.

Have you been loving your Miiko Skin Co routine for 3-6 months? Buying a refill size could be your next step! Buying refill is perfect for anyone who is ready to go steady with Miiko Skin Co.

Refill size products are 4-8x the regular amount!

Sharing is caring! Buy and split the volume with your friends or family! You will feel great about the savings! Not just for your wallet but for the environment too!

Bigger Sizes = Bigger Savings

A refill purchase is about 15-20% cheaper than purchasing regular-size products.

On average, you will save $25 with a refill purchase.

A Lighter Eco-Footprint

Refilling at home diverts 4-8 bottles from the landfill and curbside recycling program. The story of less...

- Four bottles... were never manufactured and shipped to Canada.

- Four bottles... were never filled and labelled at Miiko Skin Co.

- Four bottles... were never packed, shipped, and delivered by truck.

- Instead... one bottle was filled four times by a quiet activist with glowing skin.

Refill Size Bottles have value!

Save your bottles!

Refill Size Bottles are worth $3 upon return at any Refill Stockist Location or shipping them back to Miiko Skin Co Headquarters.

If there isn’t a drop-off location near-by, please fill out the bottle return inquiry form below!

Refill Size Bottles = Plant Trees

Take a photo of your refill bottle and share it with our Instagram community!





Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy for details about returning refill size products.

If for some reason your refill size product is broken or leaks during transportation to your doorstep please contact us directly to resolve this issue. Contact Us

Over time, we hope all of our Refill Store Locations will carry the refill size options in their store in addition to offering their regular-sized refill service.

If you would like to buy refill from your local refill store please call ahead to pre-order! This is the best way to guarantee your product will be available right when you need it!

You do not have to buy refill size! You can continue to shop regular-sized products through our online store or at a local retail location.

If you have an empty regular-sized bottle you would like to refill you can search your postal code and see if you are nearby a store that carries the Miiko Skin Co Refill Beauty Bar.

Bottle Return FAQ

You can return all - blue glass, refill size bottles - to a Refill Store and earn a credit of $3. All bottles should be clean, with the lid removed and recycled, for a full deposit.

Click here to learn more about returning your bottles!

When you return refill bottles to Miiko Skin Co (HQ or via shipping) we will create a discount code with cash value based on the number of bottles you return. This discount can be used towards your next purchase.

If you return your bottles to a refill store location, you should be able to acquire cash or credit for your bottle returns.

Please see bottles accepted to see which bottles have a deposit and which do not.

Ready to return your bottles but there isn’t a Refill Store Location nearby?

Please fill out this form to start the process of shipping them back to us at Miiko Skin Co Headquarters. 

Bulk Refill FAQ

You can do whatever you want with your refill size products! Refilling amber glass jars can be trickier and higher risk for contamination. Be sure to use a sanitized spoon and clean container to ensure the longevity of your skincare product!

Book a consultation if you would like assistance with this service.

Refill instructions should be located on the side of your refill bottle.

Check out this blog: Refilling my bulk at home.

Storage instructions should be located on the side of your refill bottle.

Batch number and shelf life should be located on the side of your refill bottle.
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