DIY Body Butter Kit

Makes 5 Body Butters

Product Description:

Making your own body butter could be considered your gateway product into do-it-yourself skin care because it reveals how simple it can be to make extremely high-quality products.

Whipped Body Butter is our favorite recipe because when you "whip" the final product it makes the product lighter and more easy to absorb. Again, this recipe is is what you should know about the properties of the ingredients, so in the future you can start to play with the recipe for your own customized blend.

In this kit:

  • Virgin Organic Coconut oil
  • Raw cocoa butter
  • Organic Raw Shea Butter
  • Light Carrier Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Instructions
  • Labels and Stickers

Warning: This product will liquefy at temperatures above 20 degrees celsius and lose it's "whipped" texture. If your product melts, put it in the fridge and continue using it as a body balm.

External use only. 


How to Use:

Full instructions are included in your DIY kit! For more information, check out our DIY Whipped Body Butter blog post!

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