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Hand Essentials Kit


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Healthy skin takes time. Our 60-day guarantee shows you we believe in results. If you don’t find the results you are looking for we will work with you one-on-one to select the best products for your skin.


The Honey Face Wash is our #1 selling product at Miiko Skin Co. It is our favourite cleanser for any skin type because it is both gentle and cleansing. 

We don’t usually recommend the Honey Face Wash for hand-washing because it is such a luxury item... however we think everyone's hands could use a little love and care right now. There is vegetable castile soap in the Honey Wash so it is antibacterial and a true cleansing soap.

This kit includes a free 30ml sanitizer to maintain optimal hygiene of your bottles at home! What makes this sanitizer special is the Thieves Blend that we brought in from our essential oil supplier Genie in a Bottle. 

Mini Cocoa Whip because your hands need moisture right now! Alcohol and hand washing can be VERY drying and we want to keep your hands hydrated and cared for. 

Give your hands some love!

Product FAQs

This will depend on how often you use each product. On average, each product should last you 2-3 months.
The ingredients and packaging are of the highest quality, so with proper storage and care your products should last years. 

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