Honey Face Wash Bulk Bundle

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  • 500ml Honey Face Wash
  • 1x regular-sized empty 120ml bottle
  • + free 30ml sanitizer spray

    The Bulk Honey Face Wash is your opportunity to stock up for the season!

    Last month we sourced a new regular 120ml size bottle and lid. This lid will not break and will make your Face Wash last even longer! We are including this for you free of charge!

    All bulk bundles include a free 30ml sanitizer spray to maintain optimal bottle hygiene while refilling at home!

    Product FAQs

      This bundle is valued at $110 → your savings are over $23!
      1. Wash your hands using the Honey Face Wash or Hand Soap thoroughly! (at least 20 seconds)
      2. Sanitize the bottles and bottle heads of both your bulk and your regular size bottles using a paper towel, or dry clean towel, and the free sanitizer we provided!
      3. Gently rotate and tip your bottle to infuse the honey and ingredient
      4. Make sure your equipment is sanitized with soap and boiling water.
      5. Use a spouted measuring device and a funnel for best results. 
      6. Measure 100ml and pour into the regular sized Face Wash bottle using the funnel.
      7. Do not back pour. 
      8. Tightly screw-on both lids.
      9. Sanitize both bottles using a paper towel, or dry clean towel, and the free sanitizer we provided!
      10. Store your bulk bottles in a cool, dark, dry place to preserve the ingredients.
      • When you purchase a 500ml Bulk Honey Face Wash you can refill at home 4-5x! That could be enough Face Wash for the year!

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