MOTHER'S DAY SALE: BUY any Collection or Regular size product, GET the second Regular size product 30% off!!! (on until May 10)
MOTHER'S DAY SALE: BUY any Collection or Regular size product, GET the second Regular size product 30% off!!! (on until May 10)

Perfect Pairing: Face Toner + Mini Summer Zinc Cream

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1x 60ml Face Toner and 1x 25ml Mini Summer Zinc Cream

What's Included?

May is our busiest month for Summer Zinc Cream sales. Days are longer, summer is around the corner, and often we have our first run in with a hot sunny day, and sometimes a sunburn to show for it. 

The Mini Summer Zinc Cream is perfect for packing away in your day bag, purse, backpack, diaper bag, (you name it!). So the next time you are out and about on a sunny day and feel the UV rays coming on a little strong, pull out this product and keep your shoulders, nose, eartips, lips, chest protected! 

*New* Mini Summer Zinc Cream option for darker skin tones! We added extra cacao powder to tint this product for better blending into darker skin types. Although people with darker skin are not as likely to get a sunburn (UVB radiation), it is important to protect against long-term damage (UVA radiation) that could be associated with hyperpigmentation. 

Paired with your choice of the Apple Toner or Hazel Rose Toner as these are the best products to have on the go as the weather gets warmer! Use the Apple Toner for bug bites, sunburns, athletes foot or try the Hazel Rose Toner for a body spray and personal fresh-up after say… a bike ride! 



Product FAQs

Apple Toner:  Local apple cider vinegar, rose geranium water, organic lavender essential oil, and distilled water.

Hazel Rose Toner: Alcohol-free witch hazel , rose geranium water, organic geranium essential oil, and distilled water.

Mini Summer Zinc Cream: Organic fair-trade shea butter, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, wild carnauba wax, organic cacao powder, non-nano zinc oxide.


Products should be used within 2 years of opening date.


Try to avoid getting water into the Mini Summer Zinc Cream container.
Face Toners are available in bulk-size online and refillable at specific stores.


Mini Summer Zinc Cream containers are returnable, and available in regular and bulk sizes for refilling at home.
Try to keep the Mini Summer Zinc Cream at a temperature below 25 degrees to prevent melting. If the product does melt, stir it with a toothpick (while it's still warm and liquid) and let it set in the fridge!



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