Just Add Wine

This bundle is for anyone who loves an evening of self care. Add the Vanilla Body Oil to the bath, pour a glass of wine, and give your body a rose renewal scrub. Who knows who will rise out of the tub.

Gift idea: wrap this bundle up with a bottle of wine, candles, and a soothing playlist and give it to the hostess with the mostess… which might be you… this might be a me gift. You always have the best taste anyways.


How to Use:

  • The Rose Renewal can be used as an additive to any bath for muscle relief. Add 1 scoop.
  • Use the Rose Renewal gently across the body for a total body scrub.
  • Massage 1/5 sample Simplicity Serum onto the face, pat the Rose Renewal onto the face and steam with a wash cloth for deeply stimulating mask treatment.
  • Add 4 pumps Vanilla Body Oil to bath for incredibly soft skin and an aromatherapy treatment.
  • Apply Body Oil generously post-bath for silky smooth skin.

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