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Here are our travel essentials for any trip on the road or overseas. The Traveler’s Wash is your favourite Honey Cleanser in a smaller bottle (under 100ml) so you can bring it with you in your carry on to freshen up at the airport!

There are two toners in this collection because they are so multi-functional and are the best for on-the-go skincare. The Apple Toner will beat breakouts, minimize fungal infections, and help treat sunburns. The Hazel Rose Toner will freshen up your skin throughout the day and make you smell like roses in a pinch! Bring it with you in the bathroom to quickly fix any unwanted scents!

Travelling can change the skin significantly especially if you are changing to a more dry or humid climate. The Luminous Serum will help balance oil production on your skin wherever you may go!

Finally use the Soothing Sniffer to take the stress out of travelling. Have it with you on your nightstand to help relax and cozy into bed.

Product FAQs

All of the products are under 100ml so you can take them on the plane
We selected products we have personally used and can’t go without on any trip!
The ingredients and packaging are of the highest quality, so with proper storage and care your products should last years.
Each toner is multi-purpose and will be beneficial to you for different reasons on your trip! Apple Toner is a great disinfectant, it will treat acne, and foot fungus, and even could be used on dandruff in the shower
Yes! Please let us know in the Notes section during checkout.


  1. Use the Traveler’s Wash on dry skin to create a lather and rinse clean. Towel dry.
  2. Cover eyes and spritz the Toner all over the face.
  3. Apply 2 pumps Serum to face, neck and chest.
  1. Use the Apple Toner on your hands, feet, and face to ward off any bad bacteria or fungus you may be exposed to while travelling
  2. Use the Apple Toner on a sunburn or insect bite to help take away the burning sensation and begin the healing process!
  1. Use the Hazel Rose Toner as a body spray, pillow spray, or bag spray to change the aroma of your travel gear!
  1. Bring this with you on the plane, or any long trip to help with calming down your nervous system.
  2. Great by the bedside table to help rest the mind and prepare for bed,
  1. We would never go anywhere hot without bringing the Summer Zinc Cream 20%
  2. Use this on your skin to help block harmful UV rays! Reapply every 3-4 hours for maximum results!
  1. Great for moisturizing, or using as a body scent!
  2. Some people use it to repel insects

In this Collection:

  • Traveler's Wash
  • Luminous Serum
  • Hazel Rose Toner
  • Apple Toner
  • Soothing Sniffer

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