Vanilla Citrus Body Oil Bulk Bundle

$170.00 $114.99

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Pamper yourself and your friends with the gift of refillable skincare this year!

Option 1 Includes:

  • 500ml Vanilla Citrus Body Oil in a beautiful blue glass growler with an engraved hummingbird
  • 1x regular-sized empty 120ml bottle
  • 2x travel-sized empty 60ml bottles
  • + added gift: free Rose Renewal

    Option 2 Includes:

    • 500ml Vanilla Citrus Body Oil in a beautiful blue glass growler with an engraved hummingbird
    • 1x regular-sized empty 120ml bottle
    • 5x empty 5ml bottles
    • + added gift: free Rose Renewal

      Has anyone ever told you how good you smell and you say it is Miiko? The Vanilla Citrus Body Oil Bundle is your chance to stock up on your favourite product plus get extra bottles (5ml or 60ml) to fill and gift to those friends and family members who have commented on how amazing you smell! Get all the savings from buying bulk plus a Free Rose Renewal from us! 

      We are merging sustainability and luxury and making it affordable for the holidays!

      All Christmas bundles include a $6.99 shipping contribution fee. Check out our Holiday Bundle blog for more information. 

      Product FAQs

      • Check out our eco-size product page to see which products you can purchase in bulk without any extras.
      • The Bulk Holiday bundles are a limited time offer that includes extra empty bottles (discounted by $1/bottle) and an entire product gift (valued at around $18 or more)!
      • This bundle is valued at $170 → your savings: $55!
      1. SHAKE your bulk bottles to mix ingredients before refilling your empty bottles. This is the most important step to ensure each of your refills has the correct ratio of ingredients.
      2. Pour using the measuring device that is sanitized. Be sure to leave some space in each bottle for the lid to prevent overflowing.
      3. Do not back pour.
      4. Tightly screw on lid and store. Enjoy your Miiko products!
      5. Store your bulk bottles in a cool, dark, dry place to preserve the ingredients.
      • The number of refills you get out of your Vanilla Citrus Body Oil Bulk Bundle depends on the variant you choose. A 500ml bulk bottle will refill a regular 120ml bottle over 4.2x. If you have 60ml travel size bottles, you will have enough product to last almost 8.5 refills!

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