Vibrancy Bundle

Feel the integrity of our carefully sourced ingredients and how the complete Miiko Skin Co product line can transform your skin health naturally. This package includes a free phone/e-mail consultation (you choose) where we ask you questions about your skin type and your time availability for managing skin health and help develop three custom routines for your skin type. We will help you curate a 1.) Daily Routine 2.) On-the-Go Routine 3.) Deep Treatment Routine.

This package includes:

  • Travel Wash (Gentle Cleanser)
  • Saving Face Toner (pH balancer and mild exfoliant)
  • Face Oil (moisturizer and long-term health booster)
  • Konjac Sponge (exfoliant and pore cleanser)
  • New I-zinc or I-coco (make-up remover and deep treatment cream)
  • Comes with custom Herbal Tea ($10 value) (internal health remedy)


BRIGHT - Golden Face Oil, Red Clay Konjac Sponge, I-Zinc

  • The BRIGHT VIBRANCY BUNDLE is for someone who is seeking skin health renewal. Over time the skin is less efficient at self-regeneration. This bundle will help optimize the skin health and slow the signs of aging.
BOLD - Glitter Face Oil, Charcoal Konjac Sponge, I-Coco
  • The BOLD VIBRANCY BUNDLE is for someone who is seeking confidence in their bare skin. Various factors can cause irritation or acne on the skin. This bundle will help smooth out the ebbs and flows of breakouts.
BARE - Base Face Oil, Pure Konjac Sponge, I-Zinc
  • The BARE VIBRANCY BUNDLE is for someone who is seeking simplicity in skin care. Food allergies are common and the skin is the same. This bundle is focused for anyone who deals with allergies and reactions regularly and would like to find someone they can trust. 
* 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you to find the right products for your skin*

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