Simple, Natural, Local


Miiko Skin Co is a product line that developed from Seeds of Change Workshops. Seeds of Change provides workshops on do-it-yourself skincare and household cleaning products, while Miiko Skin Co makes safer skincare products using homemade recipes.

Instead of choosing complex fancy recipes, we focus on using simple recipes and sourcing the best ingredients from suppliers in British Columbia. We include the supplier and their location on our product label, so our customers can see where our ingredients are coming from and the quality we seek in our products.

As a business, we hope to encourage people to read the ingredients on every skincare product. When you read our ingredients, you will recognize most of them as awesome foods and oils from around the kitchen.

Miiko Skin Co is cultivating the idea that our skin is an absorptive organ, and we should be feeding it fresh, local, food.

It's time to treat skincare more like healthcare.



Skin Health Superfoods: Guest Post Ellie Shortt Nutritional Therapist & Chef

April 13, 2018


Skin Health Superfoods

by Ellie Short - Nutritional Therpist and Chef (Whole Happy)

Foods rich in EFA's (essential fatty acids), vitamin C, zinc, selenium & magnesium are excellent for the skin. When eating for your skin's health it is not only important to eat a nutrient dense whole food diet but also to be sure your body is assimilating those nutrients. 

The digestive system functions when your body is in rest and digest mode, foods are chewed properly, there is healthy HCL production and enzyme secretion, and health gut flora. 

Reducing inflammation in the body, plus gentle support to the detox pathways, and managing cortisol levels can have a profound effect on ones health over time. 


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