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Miiko Skin Co is about CONNECTION.

When you try Miiko Skin Co you have an opportunity to learn about your skin’s well being. Just by reading the label, you can understand where our ingredients come from and the importance of supporting farmers and suppliers who foster rich plant-based ecosystems. The effectiveness of the product is based on the health of the ingredients, and so we are all connected.

The recipes are simple and highly effective. Like a perfectly curated dish, each ingredient is sourced fresh and incorporated into the product with a divine purpose for the skin. Using fewer ingredients allows for higher concentrations of every organic and plant-based ingredient. This allows for the true potential of the plant to come through to the skin and provide optimal results for common skin conditions like acne, dryness, sensitivities, combination skin and also to minimize the rate of aging & sun damage on the skin.

It's time to treat skincare more like healthcare.



Gluten-Free Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Frosting

June 13, 2019

Carrot cake miiko skin co dlindenlaubphotography

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Frosting

A delicious carrot cake recipe inspired by ingredients from our skincare products. We use whole organic ingredients - our motto is, if it's good enough to eat, it's good enough to put on our face!

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How to Choose the Right Sunscreen this Summer

May 08, 2019

sunblock sunscreen sun protection safety

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen this Summer

The skin is our body's largest organ, and sunscreen is one of the few skincare products that we apply to almost every inch of our bodies! While sunscreen serves a very intentional purpose, many of the active and inactive ingredients used in sunscreen carry a great deal of potential risk for both our health and the environment. 

Before you buy any sunscreen this summer please take the time to learn how sunscreen works, the ingredients to look out for, and why sunscreen should be used more cautiously and mindfully for the sake of the marine environment and health of our planet.

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