Miiko Skin Co is about CONNECTION.

When you try Miiko Skin Co you have an opportunity to learn about your skin’s well being. Just by reading the label, you can understand where our ingredients come from and the importance of supporting farmers and suppliers who foster rich plant-based ecosystems. The effectiveness of the product is based on the health of the ingredients, and so we are all connected.

The recipes are simple and highly effective. Like a perfectly curated dish, each ingredient is sourced fresh and incorporated into the product with a divine purpose for the skin. Using fewer ingredients allows for higher concentrations of every organic and plant-based ingredient. This allows for the true potential of the plant to come through to the skin and provide optimal results for common skin conditions like acne, dryness, sensitivities, combination skin and also to minimize the rate of aging & sun damage on the skin.

It's time to treat skincare more like healthcare.



Essential Oils for Acne Prone Skin

October 12, 2018

Essential oils for acne pront skin

 Essential oils are powerful plant-based medicines with a multitude of therapeutic benefits. The abundant amount of information about which oils target certain skin conditions can be overwhelming! To simplify things we have decided to put together a list including our favorite essential oils for acne-prone skin types as well as the essential oils we chose not to use in Miiko Skin Co face care. 

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How to take care of your skin with nutrition in mind (a Reboot Refresh)

October 02, 2018

Miiko skin co skin reboot refresh

Skin Health: The Importance of Elimination (pooptalk)

When we ingest things through eating, breathing, or applying topically, our body gets rid of what it cannot use through our elimination pathways. This means pathogens, allergens, and immunity issues can come to the surface via the skin when our elimination pathways aren't moving as they should.

    • Think of a car going through a tunnel, only to come to the other end and realize the exit is blocked. The car will have to turn around and find an alternative way out.
  • Often chronic skin conditions are a symptom of an internal issue. For example, acne can be caused by a number of things, including food sensitivities, malnutrition, or hormonal issues.
  • Chronic skin conditions can be complicated to treat, but a good starting point is to work on effectively supporting your elimination pathways such as healthy bowel movements, urination, sweating, and getting exercise to encourage  lymphatic drainage.
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