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The Hogan’s Alley Society is a non-profit organization composed of civil rights activists, business professionals, community organizations, artists, writers and academics committed to daylighting the presence of Black History in Vancouver and throughout BC.

What is the Hogan’s Alley Society doing to nourish their community?

Their current initiatives include mapping out the diverse experiences of people of African descent in Metro Vancouver, partnering with the city of Vancouver to deliver a 52-unit temporary modular housing unit on Hogan’s Alley Block, and establishing a Black Cultural Centre on the 898 Main St block. 

Watch this short movie to learn more about the history of Hogan’s Alley:

The Hogan’s Alley Society is currently working on 3 main projects: 

  • The MVRD Black Experience Project: aims to begin mapping out the diverse experiences of people of African descent (Black) in Metro Vancouver. This project will begin to examine the experiences of people African descent in the MVRD with the objective to develop a better understanding of their historical contributions, challenges with integration, and their aspirations for the future as they attempt to make Vancouver their home.

  • The Nora Hendrix Place: The Hogan’s Alley Society is partnering with the Portland Hotel Society(PHS), the city of Vancouver and BC Housing to deliver a 52-unit temporary modular housing development on the Hogan’s Alley Block

  • The Black Cultural Centre: Under the approved North East False Creek plan Section 4.4 and 10.4, the City of Vancouver has indicated the intent to establish a Cultural Centre on the 898 Main Street block. The Cultural Centre is to be a focal point for the Black Community, with the programming to support community building through food, gathering and celebration, education and empowerment, art, music, dance and research and knowledge of Black Canadian history.

How can a donation help HAS?

The $500 micro-grant will be donated directly toward the Hogan’s Alley Society, funding their current initiatives and ongoing projects within the Hogan’s Alley area of Vancouver, BC. 

Learn more about the Hogan’s Alley Society via links below! 

Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/hogansalleysociety 

Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/hogans.alley/ 

Website →  https://www.hogansalleysociety.org/ 

Twitter → https://twitter.com/hogans_alley 

February 05, 2021 — Kimiko Foster

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