Our Philosophy

The skin is our largest organ. It is connected to our intestines, and our lungs. It is a living, breathing membrane that is in constant communication with its internal and external environments. We believe that our skin deserves fresh food.

Education is the foundation of this business. Transparency is our promise. We want you to see right through us to our suppliers, and our ingredients. By using fewer ingredients, and including suppliers on our labelling, we hope to generate public curiosity around the ingredients we are ingesting through our skin.

Ingredients matter. We chose each ingredient to serve a purpose to the skin. There are no toxic ingredients. We chose glass containers because they are also non-toxic, and will not leech toxic chemicals into the product. We are here to shift the way we look at skincare, and offer a fresh product without preservatives and harmful toxic ingredients.

Miiko Skin Co is committed to providing you with safer skincare, naturally.

A Message from Our Founder

With a double major in Anthropology and Environmental Studies in my back pocket I developed an understanding of the patterns of people in the past, and the burden of the various global crises in the future. While working on my degree, I also worked at the local government as an environmental outreach assistant. For four years I went to events, businesses, and high schools to communicate various messages in sustainability. From business owners, to families, to children, to teachers, to high school students, the feedback was a passionate curiosity for change. 

It was through those conversations, I was inspired for the possibilities of the future.

In my life adventures to promote sustainable behavior I discovered my strongest character quality. Accountability.

In order to promote sustainable lifestyles effectively, I had to practice what I preached. I started taking stairs, buying locally, up-cycling, and making all of my own products.

The process of learning to make all of my own products has been both infinite and humbling.  I quickly became overwhelmed in the world of possibilities, and endless exotic natural ingredients available on the market.

In a whirlwind I was reduced to a single mantra: 

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but not any simpler" – Albert Einstein

I quickly learned that my network of friends and family were craving the same simplicity.  I saw an opportunity to develop a skincare line, and began countless hours of research.

The best part about starting a business was reaching out to other local businesses with partnership opportunities. I could support my local economy with a larger dollar then ever before.

It was then; I added another line to my mantra:

"As local as possible, living the local economy"

At the end of the day, I am an ingredient educator. In university, I discovered the scale of toxic ingredients we ingest every day through our food, household cleaners, and skincare products. Toxic ingredients in our skincare products became a connecting line for me, between our personal health, the health of the environment, and the health of our society.  It is my job to help create safety around the ingredients we absorb through our skin.

Meaning Behind Mi-Ko-

Mi is Japanese meaning beautiful
Ko is Japanese meaning for child.
Together they represent a beautiful child, our future.