Our mission is to provide a product that is sustainable and non-toxic to our customers. We are not interested in making a product that can sit on a shelf for decades and remain unchanged.

We have based our business on the foundations of homemade, do-it-yourself recipes because we feel our customers take comfort in the familiarity of the ingredients we choose.

By creating products with fewer ingredients, and crediting our suppliers on the product packaging we hope to generate public curiosity around the ingredients we are ingesting through our skin.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

The benefits of do-it-yourself, without the effort.

There are a number of reasons WHY commercial skincare products use toxic ingredients in their products. Most often it is to preserve the ingredients, increase shelf life, and control bacterial growth.

Here is what we do instead:

  • We choose blue glass bottles to protect the ingredients from harmful light and UV radiation.
  • We use cap enclosures that dispense the product into your hand, to avoid bacterial contamination from your fingers.
  • We keep the bottle sizes small (about a 2-3 month daily supply) to maintain a higher turnover, and shorter shelf life on the consumer end. This allows us to regularly serve the highest quality product, fresh for your skin regularly.


Simple ingredients sourced locally from people and places in British Columbia keeps our carbon footprint down to a minimum. We have a handful of trusted suppliers whom we work with closely to minimize our shipping and packaging footprint.

Our business works hard to keep our plastic usage to a minimum Our products are packaged in blue glass bottles or amber glass jars. When you receive a shipment from Miiko Skin Co you will see that everything in the package is either reusable or recyclable. There is no bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts.

Since the 2017 Douglas Top Ten To Watch, Miiko Skin Co has been focusing on their zero waste initiatives. In fall 2017, we launched our Refill Bar! This is a place for local customers to come and refill their skincare products much like growlers at your local brewery. The new Refill Bar is open three days a week and when customers refill, they receive 15% off retail price!

The Refill Bar is currently serving:



Vancouver Island Green Business - Green Level

The Vancouver Island Green Business Collective is a regional certification program that
recognizes the efforts of local businesses that are reducing their environmental impact.
Action checklists are available for offices, spas and salons, restaurants, and retail shops.
Businesses are scored based on the number of action points they receive. VIGBC is run by the BC non-profit Synergy Sustainability Institute.


Surfrider Approved Business

Surfrider Vancouver Island is the local chapter of the international Surfrider Foundation, based in California. They are a collection of like-minded coastal inhabitants working on coastal preservation.

In addition to the VIGBC ranking, businesses can also become Surfrider Vancouver Island Approved. This is achieved by completing 3 of the 4 Surfrider points on each of the checklists. These points typically relate to reducing single use plastics, which commonly pollute oceans.

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