Finding Balance Collection

A face care collection for inconsistent skin types. Good for younger skin (15-45) and anyone with oily T-zones or regular breakouts and blemishes.

Bundle includes six specialty skin health routines plus a sample of i-coco which is a versatile product used for removing makeup and also treatment for mild burns.

The finding balance collection is amazing for anyone who is seeking natural alternatives to their drugstore acne care. The key is in developing daily routines and working with the Miiko Skin Co customer care team to find tips and tricks to build a relationship with your skin that is loving and forgiving.


Notes on the products:

  • Serum is 100% organic and developed using unrefined jojoba oil which acts to mimic the natural sebum on your skin and balance out oil production.
  • Rich in vitamin C and other minerals that help to build buoyancy in the tissue.
  • Serum includes essential oils of frankincense, turmeric, palmarosa, and geranium to fight bad bacteria and calm irritated tissue.
  • Toner is PH balancing to make it difficult for acne causing bacteria to breed.
  • Toner is exfoliating and good for cleaning out blackheads.
  • The Sponge is the exfoliation tool for balancing the skin and balancing oil production. The charcoal works to draw out toxins.
  • The cleanser is beneficial for getting rid of bad bacteria and removing foundation makeup.

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