As Simple as Possible Collection

More than enough for the sensitive skin type. Every product in this collection is 5 ingredients or less so you can rest easy and your skin can enjoy hydration and nutrition.

This collection offers a range of routines for a range of common skin sensitivities such as redness and inflammation commonly associated with rosacea and eczema.

The wash, serum, and sponge products are made without any essential oils and perfect for scent free environments. The two essential oils in the i-Zinc are simple, organic, and safe.

If you have struggled to find something you are not allergic to, we are hopeful this is the solution you have been looking for!

Bonus: this collection is also travel friendly as every bottles is 100 ml or less.


Notes on the products:

  • Serum is 100% organic and developed using unrefined jojoba oil which acts to mimic the natural sebum on your skin and balance out oil production.
  • Rich in vitamin C and other minerals that help to build buoyancy in the tissue.
  • The Sponge is the exfoliation tool used only a few times per week to promote new tissue to the surface and bring the skin to life.
  • The cleanser is important for removing foundation makeup or dirt from the face to create a clean environment for the collection to be as effective as possible.
  • The i-zinc is an incredible treatment for itchy and inflamed skin.

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