Miiko Skin Co Holiday Collections Are Here

This winter we have introduced two brand new products to the Miiko Skin Co collection and carefully curated some gift ideas for you to easily pamper your mother, treat your friend, spoil your partner, and find the perfect "ME" gift along the way!

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Holiday Gift Guide

November 20, 2018

Miiko collective holiday gift guide

We've put together a list of locally-made items that will make the perfect gifts this holiday season! We've even put together a list of discounts for you to make your holiday shopping that much easier!

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miiko skin co rebranding whats different

We are SO thrilled to be anncouning our 2018 rebrand!
We'll tell you what to expect with the rebrand and why we chose to change a few of our recipes, and the idea behind our new look!
We love being a transparent company and now our branding directly reflects that!

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Essential oils for aging gracefully

Our Top Essential Oil Contenders For Aging Gracefully

Essential oils represent a high concentration of plant medicine all which have therapeutic benefits to creating lasting regenerative effects on the skin. We chose to avoid the term "anti-aging" because aging is natural and inevitable, so instead, we use positive terminology to encourage acceptance and honor aging. As we go through the different stages of life, the skin changes with hormonal fluctuations, exposure to sun, different dietary patterns, stress, and of course, life experience. High-quality oils can do wonders to help the skin's elasticity, health and overall appearance. 

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Ever wonder what your body is telling you? Well friends, pull up a stool and let's get into it.

You may have heard us go on and on about this before, but we think this information is just TOO good not to repeat!

Your skin health is more than what meets the eye! So much of what's going on in our body can be traced back through observing our internal state - and what better to look to, then something that comes from the inside.... yup, I'm talking about your poop.

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Essential oils for acne pront skin

 Essential oils are powerful plant-based medicines with a multitude of therapeutic benefits. The abundant amount of information about which oils target certain skin conditions can be overwhelming! To simplify things we have decided to put together a list including our favorite essential oils for acne-prone skin types as well as the essential oils we chose not to use in Miiko Skin Co face care. 

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Miiko skin co skin reboot refresh

Skin Health: The Importance of Elimination (pooptalk)

When we ingest things through eating, breathing, or applying topically, our body gets rid of what it cannot use through our elimination pathways. This means pathogens, allergens, and immunity issues can come to the surface via the skin when our elimination pathways aren't moving as they should.

    • Think of a car going through a tunnel, only to come to the other end and realize the exit is blocked. The car will have to turn around and find an alternative way out.
  • Often chronic skin conditions are a symptom of an internal issue. For example, acne can be caused by a number of things, including food sensitivities, malnutrition, or hormonal issues.
  • Chronic skin conditions can be complicated to treat, but a good starting point is to work on effectively supporting your elimination pathways such as healthy bowel movements, urination, sweating, and getting exercise to encourage  lymphatic drainage.
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hands cupping water

Has it been a tough summer for your skin? From wildfire smoke to record breaking heat waves, our bodies (and Mother Nature) have been put through the ringer. With the change in season around the corner, it can be a good time to give your skin some extra TLC and find a bit of extra time for your routines.

Is your skin is feeling a little clogged up from the smoke, hot & humid temperatures, or from a summer filled with a bit too fun much? If so, here are our best tips for some skin loving refreshment!

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Lately we have been getting lots of questions regarding natural ingredients/oils (raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, coconut oil, etc.) and whether or not they can be used as an SPF product.

In this blog post, we will try to explain all the information for you!

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Have you seen these different labels on products on your shelf or in the sun care aisle? While they may seem like the same sun protection at first glance, these terms actually differentiate between two very different products.

Confused? Don't worry! This blog will break it down for you :)

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