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Did you know that every year around 8 billion pounds of products arrive from China?
*Gasp!* That's a lot of stuff.

Like so many people, we love the holiday season, but every year the holidays bring to light a set of ethical dilemmas. Sometimes it is overwhelming to hear the facts about the state of the world but it is important to know everyone can make a difference simply by making mindful purchasing decisions, supporting local, and thinking about the packaging and wrapping you choose to use this season. 

When we read the facts about waste consumption in Canada during the holidays... we were floored! So we compiled a list of low waste options to ponder while you do your Holiday shopping this year!


1. Do It Yourself

What could be more heartwarming than a gift handmade from you?! Something like a do-it-yourself lip balm, do-it-yourself body butter, or a home-made treat is a great gift because it is consumable and made by you! ** Also, this is a great gift if you are on a budget!

2. Support Local economy

If you are not a do it yourself kind of person we recommend supporting someone who is! There is so much local talent and amazing artisans working hard to share their product for the world! Support them! Check out our Gift Guide for local makers we love and extra discounts!

3. Service-Based Gifts

A gift certificate for a service such as herbal medicine, yoga, massage, acupuncture, or a day at an eco-spa is something that not only supports the local economy but also is low-waste! 

Need a neat way to wrap a gift card? Check out our Youtube Channel for eco-friendly wrapping.

4. Gift Experiences

Think epic date hiking in the amazing green spaces in your region. Or tickets to your favorite musician or festival. Plan a trip with someone you care about and give the gift of time with your loved ones. 

5. Donate to organizations with a cause

There are so many organizations who would benefit from cash donations year round. Take this time of generosity and give it to the purposes you or your giftee believe in. 

6. Antiques & Collectables

Everyone loves an opportunity to go to a thrift shop and poke around the one of a kind goodies. Or is that just us? Head over to your local auction store, or thrift shop and find a gift that has a story to tell. 

7. Re-gifting

Openly re-gift something you think would be better suited to someone else is acceptable, we feel. Just try not to gift it back to the person who gave it to you!

8. Giving the gift of collected nature

Hand-picked winter blossoms or evergreen cedar bows can be a festive and low waste centerpiece for a loving host. Not sure where to start but excited about the idea of bringing plants into your gift giving experience? Check out these amazing Instagram accounts: Botanic Creative, Powell Floral Design, & Botany Fern and Flora! 

9. Pre-owned and lightly used gifts

Sometimes things are just as good when they are pre-owned. Check out Craigslist or Used websites for a plethora of things from furniture to technology that isn't ready to hit the garbage.

10. Buy Fairtrade... Chocolate!

We encourage you to buy fairtrade whenever ingredients from other countries are involved, but why be broad when we can specifically talk about the best present of all! Chocolate! :)

Dark chocolate made with fairtrade cocoa is a welcomed gift. If not it will be put to good use under our tip number 7!

Here are a few chocolatiers Instagram accounts we couldn't resist this year: Raw Chocolate Blossom, Wild Mountain Chocolate, and Sirene Chocolate.


Do you have a favourite sustainable gift idea? Share it with us!



Continue upping your sustainability game by checking out our blog: 5 Ways to Wrap Without Waste!

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December 14, 2018 — Kimiko Foster

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