woman wearing poncho in alley victoria

Kimiko Foster


Kimiko is the founder of Miiko Skin Co, which she created as a result of her first business Seeds of Change Workshops. Her degrees in Environmental Studies and Anthropology give Kimiko a unique insight into human behaviour and how-to-foster sustainability in her community. Kimiko’s experience in the field working with local governments and in public speaking events has been a driving force behind the brand she has collectively built with her team. 

Kimiko is obsessed with inspiring and unlocking human potential. She believes in listening and learning as much as possible from her customers and community to cue future decisions of the company.

Known for her quirks, Kimiko loves to laugh and relive jokes (usually her own). She loves learning about holistic medicine and personal well-being. If you don’t know her through Miiko you have probably met her through yoga; Kimiko has been practicing and teaching for just about a decade in Victoria, BC.


woman with scarf smiling away from camera on street

Avery Knechtel


Avery is the Director of Manufacturing and Product Development at Miiko, and has been with the company since its inception. Her background in herbal medicine, health and nutrition give her the skills to formulate thoughtful skin care and health products. 

Avery is passionate about the human experience and how the body reacts to it’s external world. She is constantly on the move, diving deeper into her studies of medicine from eastern and western modalities, and learning as much as she can to lend a hand to those around her. Avery is currently continuing her education in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC.

Outside of the work environment, you’ll find Avery planning her next big adventure, whether it be camping with her husband, traveling to new destinations or dancing the night away with friends.


Girl with red hair standing outside 

Sarah Higgins


Sarah is the Head of Customer & Wholesale Services at Miiko and was the company’s first official employee. A lifelong skincare fanatic, Sarah became interested in the non-toxic beauty world after moving to British Columbia for university. Her degree in psychology helped shape her interpersonal skills and fuels her drive to create lasting relationships with Miiko’s customers.

Sarah is always keen to learn more about skincare innovations, whether that’s through constant blog readings and research or by talking to customers about what products they want to see next.

Outside of Miiko, you’ll find Sarah getting her sweat on; whether that’s at the gym or on one of BC’s many beautiful hiking trails! She’d also a dedicated cat mom who loves a good furry cuddle at the end of the day.