Rejuvenation Collection

A face care collection for someone looking to nurture their skin as it ages and provide it with a daily dose of essential antioxidants and deep hydration.

Bundle includes seven skin health routines for you to try. Use just a handful of products to serve your skin variety. The options give you the opportunity to build a gentle awareness to the fluctuations of the skin throughout changes in seasons, stress, and diet.

The combination of the serum and toner used on a daily basis will enrich and hydrate the skin visibly.

Build a relationship with your skin that is reciprocal and you will soon determine the staple routine for your skin care and add in the special exfoliation routines on the weekend.


Notes on the products:

  • Serum is high in vitamin C and A - key vitamins for reducing signs of sun damage and tissue regeneration
  • Serum includes essential oils of frankincense, geranium, lavender, carrot seed, cypress, and ylang ylang. This blend is designed to reduce systemic inflammation in the skin, and stimulate blood flow.
  • Hazel Rose Toner is astringent (tightening) and calming, sealing in the goodness.
  • Apple Toner is exfoliating and pH balancing
  • The Sponge and sample are the exfoliation and mask tools used only a few times per week to promote new tissue to the surface and bring the skin to life.
  • The cleanser is important for removing foundation makeup or dirt from the face to create a clean environment for the collection to be as effective as possible.


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