Do-it-Yourself Lip Balm Recipe

November 22, 2017

A home-made natural lip balm is a really great place to start if you are interested in making your own skincare. It is simple, affordable, and easily adaptable once you get a sense of what scent and consistency you like to experience in your lip balm.

This recipe is a simple recipe adapted from Wellness Mama (a great blog for getting started on making your own household products).

Here is what you should know about the properties of the ingredients, so in the future you can start to play with the recipe for your own customized blend.

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How would you respond if you went to a spa and you found out that some of the products included ingredients harvested from your very backyard?

“Finally”- says interviewee Tim Fryatt of Lifecycles Project. “I think that would be really exciting. I have a household with my partner where our food is from our back yard, or places in the community. But one of the few places we don’t have products from our local community is in our bathroom.”

This Farm-2-Face Blog is to tell you the story behind our apple cider vinegar (ACV), the key ingredient in our Saving Face Toner. We source our ACV from a partnership between Spinnakers Brewpub and Lifecycle’s Project. Many of the apples used are collected from registered tree’s from Victoria’s Urban Orchard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

October 31, 2017

We answer some of the most common questions in skin care!

What do I do when I break out? What causes adult acne? How often should I exfoliate? How often should I wash my face? Will Face Oil make my face more oily? Is there Glitter in the Face Oil? And much much more!



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text: Product Feature Saving Face Toner, image two blue glass bottles with hummingbird and apple slices and flow petals featuring Miiko Skin Co products

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a toner is in skincare? Here we talk about the benefits of the Saving Face Toner in treatment for acne-prone skin. As well, apple cider vinegar is rich in antioxidants which help with antiaging. Our Saving Face Toner is made using apples from a local non-profit in Victoria BC. We also can service customers with food allergies and sensitivities through custom orders.


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wood platter with metal tablespoons holding various eastern spices - text bullet turmeric spiced chai tea

This is a guest blog post from our in-house herbalist Avery from Mindful Medicine. Turmeric is a supportive herb for your liver which in turn is beneficial for your skin because the liver and the skin are both excretory organs. We want to support elimination through our digestive system by supporting the liver to avoid toxic build-up in the bloodstream. Excess toxins in the body can cause breakouts and discoloration of the skin. Read more about internal health and skin complexion here. 

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text farm to face meet the beekeeper, man in stripped shirt holding a honeycomb wearing sunglasses outside

What makes your honey pesticide and herbicide free?

"The honey is pesticide and herbicide-free because there isn’t any commercial farming near where we live so the bees are enjoying natural untouched foliage. We have 2.5 acres, but the bees fly about 3km out in every direction to get the nectar. They eat pollen from our fruit trees, and the local Fir trees, Scotch broom, Arbutus trees, Maple trees, and Blackberry bushes.In the summer we take the bees up to Jordan River and set-up their summer vacation on private lands in the mountains."

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text product feature: saving face wash, image coconut, flowers, orange, blue bottle, skin care product, natural

The Saving Face Wash is a gentle cleanser that can be enjoyed daily as a first course in your Miiko Skin Co routine. It contains a light vegetable castille soap made in Crescent Valley BC, diluted with a small amount of distilled water, and blended with virgin organic coconut oil, extra-virgin orange infused olive oil, and seasonal honey from honey bees enjoying fireweed or blueberry pollens on Vancouver Island. Topped with a small amount of grapefruit essential oil from a local distributor in Victoria the Saving Face Wash will leave your face clean, your spirits lifted, and you pleasantly surprised with the lather it provides. 

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Skincare Should Be Simple. 

When we are creating products at Miiko Skin Co we are very interested in the chemistry of your skin as an organ. 

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We created 6 skin type personalities from a collection of the most common questions and comments we hear from YOU when we meet and talk about Miiko Skin Co!

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Getting to know your skin from the inside out with Miiko Skin Co

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