Sustainability is about...

The responsibility we have as a company to reduce the environmental burden we create when manufacturing and selling a product.

Our Business Model focuses on:

  1. Building a manufacturing loop that assumes responsibility for the environmental implications of all of the ingredients and packaging that enters into the loop.
  2. Spending money locally.
  3. Creating unique opportunities for the product packaging to be diverted from the waste stream after it leaves the manufacturing loop and enters into the customers hands.

miiko skin co sustainability flow and cycle

Ingredient Integrity

Climate change affects the quality and availability of many popular skincare ingredients. We choose ingredients and design recipes that will not threaten the extinction of any species on this planet.

High quality organic ingredients will have a profoundly different effect on your skin than poor quality pesticide laden ingredients sourced from unethical places on the planet.

Healthy planet = healthy ingredients = healthy skin

Waste Diversion

What goes into all skincare products eventually will go down the drain. There are no synthetic or artificial ingredients in our products because we believe this is a form of pollution.

All of our shipping and packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable, returnable, or refillable. Product packaging is our major focal point as a manufacturing company and we hope to out-compete ourselves each year as a leader in sustainable innovation.

Support Local Economy

When we purchase ingredients through local suppliers the money goes directly into our local economy. 90% of the money we spend on our ingredients stays right here in British Columbia.


In 2017 Miiko Skin Co was certified by the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective and Surfrider Foundation. The same year Kimiko was recognized on the cover of Corporate Knights Magazine as one of the Top 30 under 30 in Sustainability in Canada.