Miiko Skin Co is all about authenticity. We love sharing a glimpse into our beloved customers success stories, and feel truly honoured by their kind words.

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“My skin was always in pretty good shape but I was using products that contained who knew what! So I love knowing I'm putting everything healthy on my skin and it shows. I think I look pretty good for being a 54 year old woman, who loves the sun, has a decent level of stress in her job and who doesn't always get the amount of sleep she needs! So without Miiko, I'm confident my skin wouldn't be as healthy. And my skin is sooooo soft -- and frankly, there is a healthy glow.”

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"I have PCOS so once in a while when I'm not careful, I can have some breakouts. Miiko Skin Co. helps soothe the symptoms (physically and emotionally) and I notice that the pimples go away relatively faster. My combination skin also becomes much less oily at the T-zone and almost always feel smooth and nice. And of course, my skin's been smelling so amazing for the past 3 years that it's extremely difficult to switch to anything else just based on the aroma category alone."

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"I've always been blessed with easy skin, so Miiko Skin Co has taken very good care of me, and I love the feeling of my skin after putting on the Body Oil after a shower."

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"I used to get at least one large cystic zit a month for at least a year and it was always somewhere really convenient like right between my eyebrows. The first product I fell in love with was the Apple Toner because after a month of 2x daily use I realized I hadn't gotten a cystic zit! It was the only major consistent change I'd made with my skin care and I was hooked. Overall, minimal pimples and no more painful zits is a massive win!" 

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"My skin has fewer breakouts, smaller pores and it feels smooth and soft. I feel more comfortable going around without makeup now"

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"Since using Miiko Skin Co, my skin feels cleaner and fresh. I used to wear make-up daily but i don't feel the need too as my skin looks more vibrant since using the Miiko skin care line. My skin honestly has never felt better. I used to suffer from Rosacea, and tried to cover it up. I don't need to since I started using my regime of Honey Face wash, and Simplicity Serum. I'm outside in the elements a lot and it's nice to know my skin doesn't show it." 

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"I used to get dry patches that have now disappeared. I had significant reactions to the sun on my neck which have virtually disappeared, and when it does flare up, I know just the product to use - the sun screen."

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"Over the years my face has become less oily and I have fewer breakouts. My favourite product is the Luminous Serum”

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"There has been a definite improvement since I started using the products. Then skin on my face and forehead were dry and flaky, but are much better now. Thanks for everything you are doing for all of us. An awesome line of products, put together by an even better team of leaders."

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"I can't tell you how often I hear that I look young for my age (I'm 31, shhh...)! I have been a customer of Miiko since *literally* day one and I am so grateful I made the switch to natural products. Before I started using Miiko, I had breakouts all the time - these products revolutionized the skin I once had, it was a complete transformation after using her products!!! I now feel confident enough to go make-up free, my skin always feels moisturized and nourished! I'm a lifer!”

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"More than talking about changes I would like to talk about what has not changed; The beauty of using Miiko skin care is that I have NOT seen signs of aging in the past 4 years. My skin still looks young, fresh and nourished. I truly believe in natural ingredients and Miiko Skin Co is full of them and that is why I use them everyday, twice a day, to maintain the glow in my skin." 

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"My skin definitely glows and is more even toned. She looks happy and clear without toxins or being muddled by complicated products.The i-zinc is definitely my favourite product - I love how nourishing it is and waking up without dark circles under my eyes is a definite bonus! Lately, I've become obsessed with the Orange Cocoa Whip though, it's just so luxurious on the skin and smells delicious."

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"I’m outside a lot so my skin can be dry. I never thought I’d like using oils on my face & skin but now I can’t be without. My favourites are the Vanilla body oil or Body Butter!” 

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“My skin is more balanced, I've shifted towards simplifying my skincare routine because I've finally found what my skin needs. Especially after using the luminous serum, I get fewer breakouts and my skin is always moisturized, which is especially difficult in Canadian climate!"

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"My favourite products are the Hazel Rose Toner and the Luminous Serum. My skin feels fresh and hydrated afterwards without feeling oily. I like that Miiko Skin Co uses minimal quality ingredients and supports local suppliers. The refill options cut down on waste. Kimiiko and her team have provided excellent service."

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"It has made my skin much less dry in the winter time and the sunscreen keeps me stay safe in the summer months. I also use the face wash and it has always worked well for me."

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"My skin is happy! And I feel satisfied knowing I am using safe, natural, local products. Even better now that we can refill them! I don't wear makeup, but I feel ready to take on the day as soon as I apply the Luminous Serum!" 

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 "My skin feels clearer, brighter, and more resilient."

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"I think more than anything, I have become much more aware of how my skin is doing, since I started using Miiko Skin Co. One of the things I love about these products is the education that comes with it. I have a much better understanding of what my skin is asking for, and what I can do to give it what it needs."

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"Since I began using Miiko Skin Co, I have noticed what I would describe as a perfect harmony between product and skin. Using whole, simple and organic products has been a passion of mine for some time. Miiko products would have been one of the first changes over to the green side a few years ago, and I will never go back! Gentle and effective ingredients have balanced my skin, helped prevent and ease break outs and bad scarring!"

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"Following the birth of my son my skin was all over the place. It was extremely sensitive and was reacting poorly to any and every product I tried. Between ever-changing hormones and lack of sleep, I felt like I had aged years in just a few weeks. I started using Miiko's Finding Balance Collection - and it helped my skin do just that! Since using it my skin is the happiest its been in years. My skin feels smoother, calmer and better hydrated thanks to Miiko products. I also love the Vanilla Body oil and Safe Summer Skin cream. Knowing that Miiko products are local, sustainably sourced and of such high quality makes me even happier to have found them."

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"My skin feels healthy and radiant when I am using Miiko! It feels great to trust a business so wholeheartedly with the wellness of your skin. From packaging to product, I know that Miiko has given everything thought and care."

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