Our Mission

Miiko Skin Co was born from this simple idea, skin care is organ care. Our mission is to make products for people who care about the effects of the ingredients they put on their skin, and the social and environmental impact of their consumer choices. 

We make products using locally sourced ingredients to support the local economy. We choose organic and edible ingredients whenever possible because we believe the quality of ingredients makes for the best results. 

Sustainability and Community

Miiko Skin Co has developed a refillable business model for our customers to refill their Miiko Skin Co bottles at local stores. Those who cannot refill locally can shop bulk eco-sizes online for and refill at home. Our goal is to accomplish a completely circular economy with our packaging in the next five years.

Community and human potential is our jam. We create and curate products based on feedback from our customers. We would like to be a staple in your self care rituals, and we value your input as a customer. Being part of your daily self care routine brings us joy. 

We believe in transparency and accountability as a company.

The Future of Skincare

We aspire to be leaders in a new skincare industry, supportive of open healthy conversations about skin health and its interconnectedness to a healthy planet and holistic well-being. As well as squash unrealistic expectations of “perfect youthful skin” and gender roles in skincare. 

We want to eradicate the negative self-talk in the mirror, breed confidence, forgive acne and celebrate age. 

Mi is Japanese meaning beautiful. Ko is Japanese meaning for child. Together they represent a beautiful child, our future. MIKO

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