Single-use packaging is piling up on our precious planet. One thing we can do as a company is to take responsibility for our packaging.

Once you have purchased your Miiko Skin Co face care products in a blue glass bottle you can refill at a local stockist or at home with our eco-size purchasing program.

Another option is to return your packaging back to us. We accept all of our containers back and sanitize them for reuse.

Bottles Diverted From
Landfill/Recycling Stream to Date:



You can also UPCYCLE your blue glass bottles and amber glass jars. Upcycling is kind of like a glorified word for reusing. Delabel your bottle and reuse it for a DIY room spray, or a small vase. Delabel your jar and use it to store hair ties, or sauces!

Recycling your containers is also an option. Glass is truly recyclable. It can be recycled over and over again and never lose its integrity. Plastic, however, loses its integrity and needs to be turned into something different such as plastic lumber or carpet padding. Because of this, some people say that plastic isn’t truly recycled; it is downcycled.

Refill FAQ

Any products in a blue glass bottle:
  • Honey Face Wash
  • Travelers Face Wash
  • Apple Toner
  • Hazel Rose Toner
  • Golden Serum
  • Luminous Serum
  • Simplicity Serum
  • Vanilla Body Oil
Any products in a blue glass bottle:
  • Select the Refill Filter in our store locator.
  • Shop eco-size products and refill in the comfort of your own home.
Please contact us if you are a zero waste focused business and looking for a skincare product line available on refill.