Group Purchasing Program

The POD Program is our group purchasing incentive where you can place an order with a minimum of two other friends and receive 25% off your order.

How it works:

  1. Place an order online for yourself and your friends
  2. Include their names and email addresses in the notes section of checkout
  3. Use the discount code [mymiikopod]
  4. Save 25% and receive free shipping (over $100)

It’s an idea we thought we would try… Here is why!

  • Eco-savings from group shipping and reduced print and packaging materials
  • Free samples of new products before they come to market and be part of our product design
  • Connection with new and old friends with kindred spirits.
  • Great SAVINGS!

* Unfortunately this discount does not apply to bulk products since the saving is already 25% for bulk products.


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