In this blog, we discuss three common myths regarding high SPF sunscreens, and why they are misleading to customers.

Your best bet? Choose a mineral sunblock with either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide so you are protected against both UVA and UVB radiation. We recommend our Safe Summer Skin Cream 20%!

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dancing in the forest - 10 tips for your wedding ready glow
Your wedding day is potentially one of the biggest and most anticipated days of your life and the preparation and lead up can feel daunting. We think that the secret to looking your best is to feel your best from the inside-out!

Here are ten tips for your wedding ready glow, and our advice on how to prep your skin for it's best glowy self on one of the most memorable days of your life.
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Skin Health Superfoods

by Ellie Short - Nutritional Therpist and Chef (Whole Happy)

Foods rich in EFA's (essential fatty acids), vitamin C, zinc, selenium & magnesium are excellent for the skin. When eating for your skin's health it is not only important to eat a nutrient dense whole food diet but also to be sure your body is assimilating those nutrients. 

The digestive system functions when your body is in rest and digest mode, foods are chewed properly, there is healthy HCL production and enzyme secretion, and health gut flora. 

Reducing inflammation in the body, plus gentle support to the detox pathways, and managing cortisol levels can have a profound effect on ones health over time. 


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girl eating watermelon holding knife - 7 common causes of skin based symptoms

The following are 7 common causes of skin-based symptoms and some basic tips on how you can get that healthy glow from the inside out…

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herbalist writing in office

Avery from Mindful Medicine answers our questions on how stress affects the skin.

Let’s talk about stress. We are all familiar with mental-emotional stress, and how it can affect our daily lives. Whether it be deadlines at work, a less than ideal living situation or the panic of getting your kids to school, soccer practice, and bed on time. Stress comes in all shapes and forms - but our body handles it the same regardless. Let’s talk about the kinds of stress our bodies may be facing daily.

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make-up, nail polish, skincare flat lay. title: we use an average 12 products per day. 168 ingredients. what is the risk?

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, skincare, cosmetics, hair products, deodorant, and perfume are all products we may come in contact with before we even have our breakfast. Many of the ingredients in these products are formulated in a lab to penetrate into the skin's tissue and consequently into our bodies. Parabens (the most common preservative in commercial cosmetics and skincare) are so common that 99% of Canadians had it in their urine in a 2014/2015 Canadian Health Measures Survey. (1)

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5 Ways To Wrap Without Waste

December 11, 2017

someone holding a gift

Wrapping your holiday gifts with the environment in mind is growing in popularity as we become more and more aware of the waste that occurs during the holiday season.

Did You Know?

  • Most wrapping paper is not recyclable because of its plastic coating
  • Each Christmas about 8 million pounds of products arrive from China
  • Canada produces about 1.8 billion pounds of garbage between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.
  • && The annual waste generated from gift-wrap and gift bags is about 1.1 billion pounds.

Here are a few simple ways to wrap without waste this holiday

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Do-it-Yourself Simple Soap Bar

November 24, 2017

Making your own body butter could be considered your gateway product into do-it-yourself skin care because it reveals how simple it can be to make extremely high-quality products.

This recipe is a simple recipe adapted from Wellness Mama (a great blog for getting started on making your own household products).

Whipped Body Butter is our favorite recipe because when you "whip" the final product it makes the product lighter and more easy to absorb. Again, this recipe is is what you should know about the properties of the ingredients, so in the future you can start to play with the recipe for your own customized blend.

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