Miiko rebranding whats different from before

The Countdown is On!

Mark your calendars!

November 7th, 2018 we will be combing through the website to update our current product line information, suppliers and update the product images. If you are on our website on November 7th, things might be a little wacky... Major changes will be completed by November 8th, 2018 and we invite you to shop around and see what's changed!

"We launched Miiko Skin Co on November 13th 2015 with six products. Three years later we have more than double that! Every new product we created was from the suggestions and requests of our incredible and loyal customer community.

This new look designed by Laura at Caribou Creative is our action to bring all of the products together with a consistent look and a vibrant message about CONNECTION

We hope the new labels, new names, and minor changes in suppliers and ingredients help YOU feel even more connected to US, to NATURE, and to the local economy of our local suppliers. 

Above all... we hope to continue serving your skin rich, nutrient dense food to keep it vibrant and glowing for all the moments ahead."

- xoxo Kimiko 


So, what's new? 

 miiko skin co face care line natural skin care new branding

The Big Five

For the keen eye and uber Miiko fan a lot has changed, but if we simmer it down, there are 5 big changes worth leaking out to you before next week.


We like to think... When you use Miiko Skin Co products, you have a chance to learn about safer skincare ingredients and where they come from. The new transparent labels are a gentle reminder that we believe in trust and transparency as a company. These beautiful new labels also highlight our cobalt blue glass bottles which are a key piece to maintaining the integrity of the product. 

PLUS now you can easily see when you are running low on a product!

Gender Inclusive

We are so happy to be removing "girl" from the title in our face oils to become gender inclusive. Skincare is for everyone, and we are thrilled to finally be making this change. 

Emphasis on Ingredients

Many new product names emphasize the key ingredient in the recipe to offer more insight into the power of high-quality food grade ingredients and align with our new tagline "Connect with Nature."

Price Adjustments

Recently we were saddened by the news of our key supplier closing down their store. As a result, the price of our extra virgin olive oil has increased in a fashion where we are uncertain how to move forward. As a result, there will be small price adjustments to the products which utilize the essence of this velvety ingredient. Some of our formulas have been adjusted to be 100% organic and there will be a small price increase to reflect this.

We work hard to provide accessible prices for premium products to our community and we promise the value in quality and ethical sourcing is worth the $1. 

More Organic | Safer Formulations

The product formulations are mostly the same however we did make a few changes to either make the products 100% organic or eliminate ingredients that may have contraindications with certain medications. (i.e. grapefruit essential oil).

    luminous serum in lavender chiffon and flowers

    Changes to expect

    Saving Face Wash --- Honey Wash

    Grapefruit essential oil will be replaced with orange to honour sensitivities and potential contraindications with medications, but maintain the uplifting citrus aroma. $ - small change 

    Traveler's Face Wash

    Simplified to 4 ingredients. We removed the olive oil from this recipe to provide an even simpler option for travelers in scent-free environments. $ - no change

    Golden Girl Face Oil --- Golden Serum

    Ya right, like we were going to mess with this formula. The Golden Serum is a best seller and we love how nutrient dense this product is for mature dry skin. $ - small change

    Base Face --- Simplicity Serum

    From four to three, we adapted this recipe ever so slightly to be even more simple. Three organic or wild ingredients. Your safe scent-free skincare choice.  $ - no change

    Glitter Girl Face Oil --- Luminous Serum

    This is the biggest product reformulation! We removed the olive oil, and the essential oils of lemongrass and cedarwood to give you... drumroll, please... Luminous Serum!

    This new recipe is 100% organic and adapted to better suit the needs of the skin type it was created for. While the Luminous will not smell like lemongrass as the Glitter Face Oil did, it will embody the scent of its new name. As Glitter Face Oil diehards, we love this new product and are certain you will too!  $ - small change

    Saving Face Toner --- Apple Toner

    No change here. This product is unique and effective. If it ain't broke don't fix it!  $ - no change

    All Over Body Oil --- Vanilla Body Oil

    The All Over Body Oil had a slow start with Miiko Skin Co but has now grown to be a local favourite. We are sorry to announce that with our recent changes in suppliers of olive oil we must increase the price from $25-$30. We will only be able to sell it online, at  our headquarters or through markets due to this price fluctuation as well. 

    More! Body Butter --- Orange Cocoa Whip

    Same recipe better name! The Orange Cocoa Whip also uses olive oil and this product will also experience a small price fluctuation. We are sharing the cost with our customers so you can still enjoy this mighty winter treat!  $ - small change


    We are so excited to share our newly branded products with you, and for all you die-hard Miiko's out there, we invite you to buy your favourite products before we make the switch over and the prices go up just a touch! Get em' while they're hot, and we hope you love everything as much as we do! 

      November 02, 2018 — Kimiko Foster

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