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Your wedding day is potentially one of the biggest and most anticipated days of your life and the preparation and lead up can feel daunting. We think that the secret to looking your best is to feel your best from the inside-out!

Here are ten tips for your wedding ready glow, and our advice on how to prep your skin for it's best glowy self on one of the most memorable days of your life.


Okay, so let's get real for a moment and talk about stress. Yes, your wedding day will be the best day, and you will look and feel fantastic. BUT, the lead up can be emotionally challenging. Guest lists, seating charts, public speaking (writing and reading heartfelt vows to 100+ people is enough to cause a stress pimple or two amiright?). Stress is part of wedding planning. If this is not true for you… damn girl tell us your secret!

Even if you don’t feel stressed, stress can manifest in the body through different symptoms on the skin like breakouts, rashes, and increased sensitivities.


Create a list of self-care techniques to reduce your stress in your wedding planning and block out time for managing stress! For the skin’s sake!

Avery from Mindful Medicine says:

“My biggest piece of advice about stress is to try and focus on all the fantastic things and people that are coming to celebrate you and your love. When I'm feeling frantic about my wedding, I remember my husband-to-be's soft eyes and warm smile, and all my worries melt away. Cheesy, I know, but it's true!” 

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Every person in the wedding party has different skin types and creating customized skincare routines for your unique skin type is a crucial component of a wedding day glow.

  • Do you have oily skin? - balancing oil production will be your focus in developing a skincare routine
  • Do you have dry skin? - hydrating and exfoliating will be your focus in developing a skincare routine
  • Do you have blemishes and combination skin? - removing inflammation and internal and external contributors (like picking and wearing makeup to bed or the gym) will be your focus in developing a skincare routine


Find 2-3 routines that work for your skin 2-3 months before the wedding. Stick to them, enjoy them, and let your skincare ritual become a de-stress ritual.

Read more about routines and skin types here



Save your money. It is not the time to experiment or spend extra money on things that might not work. A new face mask from the drugstore might be amazing, or it could cause a reaction or an unsuspected breakout. Stick to products with ingredients you trust.


Often when there is pressure to look your best we can begin to over-use products and pick at blemishes more often. 

Avoid over-using products, especially soaps, as they can be problematic. Every time you wash your face you strip it of its natural oils. Stripping the face makes it irritated and vulnerable to breakouts. 

Avoid picking; the tendency to treat breakouts is to scrub, treat, and pick until the problem area disappears… but this outcome is hardly the reality. Often picked pimples become inflamed, infected, and scabbed. Taking longer to heal and requiring more cover-up (irritating it further).


Leave a note to yourself on your mirror or your computer (your picking habitat) to remind yourself to take ten deep breaths and put the handguns down.


Yes. That golden tan without tan lines is part of the dream for your wedding day but make sure you check the ingredients on the moisturizers and common sunscreens you are applying. There are many toxic ingredients in sunscreens that can cause allergic reactions, block pores, and cause long-term damage. Practicing sun smarts is crucial for your long-term skin health. Avoid sunburns, take shade during high UVB points of the day, and use a non-toxic sunscreen with ingredients you trust.

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Hey… just do it. Makeup is a layer on top of your skin, and even if it is clean, non-toxic makeup (which we highly recommend) it is essential to let your skin breath on a regular basis. Sleeping with makeup on will block pores, and lead to a possible breakout.
Exercising and sweating with makeup on will do the same.

Do you wear makeup for 12+ hours per day? Consider reducing it down to 8 hours and letting your skin breath and be clean (and avoid touching) for as much of the day as possible. This is where the healing happens.


If you are having your hair and makeup done professionally on your wedding day, you may also be doing trials. Be mindful of the kind of products they are putting on your skin if it's not what you usually use, especially if you have sensitive skin. Don't forget to wash them off.


Exfoliation is probably one of the most common practices that come to mind when you think about doing some “extra” skincare routines at home. Exfoliation is great for removing excess dead skin and cleaning out blackheads and pores.

  • Frequency - physical exfoliation with scrubs and konjac sponges is only necessary 1-2x per week
  • Do-it-yourself scrubs - be careful with homemade scrubs. Keep it simple. If you have any IBS symptoms or food allergies, keep in mind your skin might be equally sensitive. See tip number 3. Find a recipe/product you know and like and stick to it.
  • Chemical peel vs. Scrub or sponge - know the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation - blog post here.


As mentioned earlier, your skin is a direct reflection of your internal health. The food you eat plays a role in your health and wellness. With all of the events leading up to the big day, it can be so easy (and fun) to overindulge. We support you, have ALL the fun, but try to notice how alcohol and diet affect the skin.

Find a meal plan that works for your skin’s health outside of the wedding shower, stagette, and other parties making it easier to bounce back into a healthy glow routine after the hangover is over.

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Sugar is our number one recommendation to avoid the month leading up to the wedding. Sugar has a never-ending list of adverse effects it can have on the body and skin. Staying aware of how much you are ingesting can help ease any unsuspected inflammatory reactions. Other common inflammatory foods are your known allergies, sensitivities, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, artificial ingredients, alcohol, caffeine, and nightshades.

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The expectations from others on your wedding day is real. Remember your wedding day is about you and your love but on the day of, it's easy to get swept away leaving the newly married couple feeling like they went through a whirlwind. The planning can get stressful, and the pressure to look and feel your best can be overwhelming.

Make time for each other. Whether you plan to have a few days of decompression afterward, or you plan on making relaxed time for each other every week until the big day, we say do it! You've decided to make this promise to each other, and it should start by helping each other relax and enjoy the ride that is planning your wedding day.



Everyone is different, and we are certain everyone, and their uncle has given you advice on “how to do it right” and at the end of the day we say… you do you girl. YOU DO YOU.

Avery says:

“Seriously though while planning my wedding this year, I've been bombarded with advice and opinions. But, in the end, I've got to do what works for me, my partner and our wedding day. And, regarding skin care, we know what works for us, and we encourage you to find out what works for you too!”

Meet the Co-Author:
Avery Herbert, a Clinical Herbalist and the Director of Manufacturing and Product Development at Miiko Skin Co. She has been immersed in the wedding industry since her teens, as her mother owns and runs a local event planning company on Vancouver Island. Avery is getting married this summer, and the tips in this article have been inspired by true realizations from the bride-to-be.

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