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No More Regular Retail Hours - Pick-up by appointment only 

Under the current circumstances, we have removed our regular retail hours and refill program. As a team, we are taking turns at headquarters. Sarah is fulfilling your orders and Kimiko is making the products! 

So what does this mean? Well, we hope that you will do your shopping online through our website.

If you want to avoid shipping costs, and are able to come by our store, you can select the pick-up at headquarters function at check-out: 

When your order is ready for pick-up we will send you an email to book an appointment to pick-up your Miiko Skin Co. Then you can come by the shop to pick-up your order... it will be all packed up with your name on it, and waiting on a table by our front door for contactless pick-up! BOOK HERE!

If you were hoping to refill please bring your empty bottle back and we will refund you $3! 

Please note: if you are at quarantined at home, immunocompromised, or an elder we will deliver your order or ship it for free. Use code [safetyfirst] at checkout.

Please book online consultations! Let’s stay social from the comfort of our own home!

Right now it doesn’t matter if you are in Victoria or on the other side of the country we can all communicate and connect in the same way! 

Our headquarters is, and always has been, a special place for us to see our customers and hear about their lives. We still want to connect with you, see your face, and support each other!

Now, more than ever we would love to invite you to book an online consultation with us. We can chat on the phone or do a video call! We could even do a group call if you want! We can talk about anything self-care related! Book a Consultation here!

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well for the most recent updates at Miiko Skin Co.

Bottle Refill Program → Bottle Exchange Program

We are switching to a bottle exchange program for the foreseeable future!

If you normally refill your Miiko Skin Co bottles at our Headquarters:

  1. Place your order online for regular products and bring your empty bottles with you when you pick up your order and we will refund you the difference for the refill!
  2. Not quite empty? No worries, save your bottle and bring it back later. We will credit you whenever you bring back the bottle. 

    It is very possible you won’t be able to get your empty bottles back to us for a little while! That is okay! We will honour this program for a long time! But here are some ideas for your bottles in the meantime.

    Keep your bottles and reuse for at-home recipes:

    Please take care of yourselves, follow public health guidelines, and wash your hands frequently. It’s our responsibility as a community to look after the health and well-being of ourselves, each other, the elderly, and the immunocompromised.


    Team Miiko (Kimiko, Sarah & Avery)

      March 24, 2020 — Kimiko Foster

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