Momentum Project

Inspired by: Vessi Footwear 
Inspired by: Milk Jar Candle Co

The Momentum Project is our opportunity to invest in the collective wellness of our community. We take $1 from every product sale and set it aside to raise micro-grants up to $500. The Momentum Project offers cash to support local grass-roots projects and outstanding people who need a boost to bring their vision to life. 

We want to bring momentum for positive change in our communities.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who has an idea or is raising money for a project that will nourish their community. We believe that anyone can make a difference, and sometimes all you need is a little boost. The intention behind the Momentum Project is to help support those who are actively supporting marginalized groups and the healing of our people and our planet. We want to share your story and build momentum. 

Community Initiatives

Read about the amazing and positive news events and community initiatives that are happening. Those who have received our micro-funds share their stories and photos with the Miiko Skin Co community! See where the dollars go!

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