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Is Miiko Skin Co Headquarters open for regular retail hours?

No, we have removed our regular retail hours to keep foot traffic at HQ to a minimum, and respect social distancing guidelines.

We are currently only open for pre-booked online pick-up appointments. If you want to avoid shipping costs, and are able to come by our store, you can select Pick Up at Miiko HQ during checkout!

How do I select Pick Up as my shipping method?

Select "Pick up" as your shipping method during the check out process. Pickup orders are normally ready within 2-4 business days. Once your order is ready, you'll receive an email from us to book in an appointment to come and pick-up!

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What is happening with the Refill Program at Miiko Skin Co?

Our Refill Program is currently paused at HQ, and we have switched to a bottle exchange program for the time being (see more info below).

Some Refill Beauty Bar locations are back to refilling, or are in the process of restarting the refill program! We strongly recommend that you call your preferred store ahead of time to see if they are currently refilling, or doing the bottle exchange program.

Where can I refill my Miiko Skin Co products?

See our full list of Miiko Stockists here! Some of our stockists may be closed or operating under different conditions due to COVID-19. We strongly recommend that you call your preferred store directly to find out if they are carrying the product you are looking for and/or if they have reopened their Miiko Skin Co Refill Beauty Bar.

Looking for a refill? Select the Refill Stockist filter!

    How do I return empty bottles to Miiko Skin Co?

    We accept all Miiko blue bottles & amber jars that you no longer are using! You can bring them with you to Miiko HQ when you come by to pick-up your online order.

    Bottle Exchange Program: Do I get any money back for returning my bottles to Miiko Skin Co?

    Yes... if they are bottles you were planning on refilling! Please bring your empty bottle back when you come by to pick-up your online order. Once returned, we will refund you $3!

    Additional Resources 

    Have any more questions? Please send us an email and we'll be happy to help!

    We are so grateful for our community's continued support during these uncertain times.


    Team Miiko

    July 20, 2020 — Sarah Higgins

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