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What kind of ACNE...?

Acne is a term used to describe a very broad spectrum of topical infections on the skin. Acne can be anything from deep and cystic (when it never even comes to the surface) to small white and blackheads.  

How SEVERE is the acne...?

In my experience, many people consider their acne to be significantly worse than their peers perceive it. Ask yourself: "how bad is my acne?" and then ask someone you trust how bad they think your acne is. You might be surprised that the condition is less severe than you think! The above blog post talks about severity as well. 

What is your SKINCARE routine?

It is important to consider your cosmetics and your personal hygiene products as irritants for your acne. Your skincare routine should be designed to allow your skin as much time to breathe and strengthen its top tissue as possible.


  • If you wear makeup, make sure to remove it before workouts or sweating so it can detox adequately,
  • Wash your face and use a toner after your exercise or sweating (or try oil cleansing) to set your skin to a PH that acne cannot thrive in.
  • Go to bed with a clean face (wash tone treat) and let it heal overnight
  • Exfoliate as needed - with a konjac sponge
Do you want to talk about your skincare routine? Book a consult with us through this link.

Stop picking!

Here is a short video we put together on acne and picking

April 20, 2018 — Kimiko Foster
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judith said:

great video Miiko I agree education is the best way to stop picking. I think lots of image as we are visual like you did in the video are excellent way to help people to not pick. I think once we understand what it really does it certainly helps pick a bit less.

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