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We have two new products for your skin this winter! A few months ago we polled our community to ask if they would prefer a thicker moisturizer cream or a new face serum for beards and facial hair, and the cream won with a photo finish! 

Drumroll, please.....

Turmeric Rose Cream


Designed for our customers seeking a thicker moisturizer for really dry skin.

Great for...

  • Anyone who lives in dry climates and notices their skin becomes drier in the winter 
  • Customers with eczema or chronically dry skin
  • Anyone concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, and interested in using a thicker product on their face in the evening. 

Special Feature

This is our first product to include organic borage seed oil! Our borage seed oil is grown in Canada, pressed in Victoria, and certified edible organic. Borage seed oil is most well known for having the highest concentrations of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an important essential fatty acid for your skin. 

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind this product was the shea butter and its ability to nourish chronically dry skin. Often shea butter can feel greasy or tacky and the experience is not ideal. We focused on recreating this amazing ingredient to smooth into the skin without leaving any oiliness. 

The Experience

This new aroma includes some of our most expensive essential oils. Notice how the aroma changes as each essential oil absorbs into the skin. This blend of turmeric, rose, frankincense and jasmine essential oils will be nothing you have ever experienced before. 

Mini Cocoa Whip 


Designed for anyone looking for a little moisturizer for their hands and lips to have in their bag.

Great for... 

  • Anyone who likes to use a hand moisturizer throughout the day
  • A lip balm
  • Anyone who is sensitive scents (even essential oils). This little one is essential oil free! 

Special Feature

Only a few ingredients away from being chocolate! This product contains certified edible organic coconut oil, certified edible organic cocoa butter, and extra-virgin blood orange olive oil. There is also organic shea butter in this product, which we have never eaten before, so we don’t recommend you keep the Mini Cocoa Whip in your bag as a snack. 

The Inspiration

A spin-off from our popular Orange Cocoa Whip! After giving away samples to our online customers, we were asked to make something smaller to fit in a purse or bag as a hand cream. Additionally, we had some requests for an essential oil free body care product. Voila! Introducing the Mini Cocoa Whip

The Experience

There are no added essential oils to this product. Everything you smell is from the raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, coconut oil, and orange olive oil. The key is to only apply a little at a time and apply to the backs of your hands first! 

November 28, 2019 — Kimiko Foster

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