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When our coconut oil turns to liquid we know its summertime! 

Not sure what we are talking about... Have you ever left a lip balm in your vehicle during a hot day and found it liquified? 

How about butter... Do you take it out of the fridge so it is softer and easier to use for toast? 

Natural butters and oils have specific melting points. While certain oils are liquid almost all of the time (like olive oil), some oils and natural butters stay in their solid-state up to 25+ degrees Celsius, like coconut oil or cacao butter.

When we formulate products at Miiko Skin Co, we are thinking about how it will absorb into your skin. Each design is curated for different skin types, and also different skin depths (i.e. thinner skin around your eyes). Most of our products are liquid all the time for this reason, but some products are solid for dryer skin or a slower absorption rate. 

Unfortunately, this means some of our products can be temperamental... or you could say TEMPERATURE-MENTAL in the warmer months. (hehe)

But good news!

This doesn't affect the quality of the product, although it may not look the same when it solidifies again. If your product melts, it may solidify into a thicker "balm"-like texture. This is simply because we whip most of our products to make them a lighter texture and easier to absorb into your skin! 

Tips to Avoid Melted Miiko products this Summer!

  • While travelling in a vehicle, keep your Miiko in a cooler or a deep pocket of your suitcase. Often the heat of the sun through the windows melts the products. 
  • Store it in a cooler area of the house, even the fridge if you would like. 
  • Keep the lid screwed on TIGHT to avoid any leaks
  • If you're out and about a lot: keep a larger jar at home, and have a smaller one you can refill to have on the go

Heat Sensitive Products

Troubleshooting Melted Products

  1. Using a clean spoon, Popsicle stick or cotton swab, give your product a really good stir, while it's still liquid, to make sure some of the heavier ingredients don't sit at the bottom 
    1. **This is especially important for the i-Zinc and Summer Zinc Cream 20% to properly redistribute the zinc oxide
  2. Once stirred, pop it in the fridge to help it re-set.
  3. TA-DA! Your product will be good as new!

We strive to use organic, all-natural, local as possible ingredients, which does come with its challenges. But, we think it is worth it! As long as you know that the product is fine if it does melt, and how to care for it in the future!

    June 04, 2020 — Sarah Higgins

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