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You asked, and we answered! We received many requests for a more masculine-scented face serum that still delivers amazing results and hydration.

Drumroll, please.....

Refresh Serum


Designed for light, invigorating hydration.

Great for...

  • Anyone looking for a summertime serum that provides light hydration and a delicious skin-loving tingle when applied
  • Nourishing a beard or facial hair
  • Anyone with normal, slightly dry or combination skin

Special Feature

This is our first serum to include organic borage seed oil! Our borage seed oil is grown in Canada, pressed in Victoria, and certified edible organic. Borage seed oil is most well known for having the highest concentrations of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an important essential fatty acid for your skin. 

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind this product was to create a more masculine-smelling face serum. It's a great alternative serum for those who prefer a scented product that isn't floral or herbal.

The Experience

We call this nature's cocktail for invigorating hydration! The initial scent reminds us of a Mojito due to the lime and spearmint essential oils, and goes on with a slight tingle when applied. These top notes naturally fade away to reveal the comforting, woodsy scent of cedar.

June 11, 2020 — Sarah Higgins

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