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Green beauty represents a field within the beauty and cosmetics industry. It generally refers to products made with natural ingredients (true-to-nature),  natural ingredients extracted from plants (in the lab), and non-toxic ingredients synthetically-made (in the lab). 

If you are looking for green beauty products it is probably because you:

  • Are highly sensitive, and most products from the drugstore cause headaches, hives, or other reactions. 

  • Want to avoid putting toxic ingredients on your and your family’s body. 

  • Recently read/watched/heard disturbing information about toxic ingredients such as parabens, fragrance, parfum, phthalates, DET, PET, triclosan, SLS, SLES, and oxybenzone and started reading some of the ingredient lists on your products at home. 

  • Care about animal testing and supporting cruelty-free products.

  • Are vegan and searching for products made without any animal by-products. 

  • Worried about the environmental impact of your products going down the drain (bio-degradable).

  • Looking for sustainable packaging options for your household cleaners, personal hygiene, cosmetic and skincare products. 

  • Have a big place in your heart for plant and herbal medicine and believe in the healing powers of nature. 

  • All of the above and more!

Unfortunately, the term “Green Beauty” is unregulated and there is no control over how products are marketed. Consumers must find authentic green beauty brands that align with their core values amongst a sea of greenwashing bullshit. 

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Our vision at Miiko Skin Co is to retain the utmost ingredient integrity and formulate simple recipes. Each ingredient is added for a purpose, nothing more, nothing less. 


Here is what Green Beauty means to us:

Edible Organic - because we know they are more closely regulated by Health Canada. Not to mention the ingredients are artisan, and premium quality even for the palate.

Mindful Packaging - Dark blue and amber glass containers are the best at preserving the quality of a product. As well, they do not leech into the product.

Miiko Fun Fact: We were unable to find a wholesaler who could not guarantee that aluminum containers did not have an epoxy-resin that would leach into products (aka BPA).

Supplier Relationships - when sourcing new ingredients we work with suppliers to learn about the processes involved in making their product.

For example, grapefruit seed extract is a common preservative but we couldn’t find any reliable information about the chemical used to breakdown the grapefruit seed for the extract.

Safe - our products should be safe to manufacture, safe for the skin, and safe to go down the drain.

Refillable & Returnable - taking responsibility for our packaging after it has left HQ

Resiliency - the key to sustainable growth in business. Create products that people want and will make a difference to their skin health long-term. Be aware of climate change and how it will impact the environment. Buy local, keep it simple, stay humble.

Green beauty is not a marketing platform. Green beauty is a movement. 


Here is a list of what we advocate for in the future of skincare:

  • The same levels of monitoring and evaluation for the organic certification as food.
  • Tighter regulation and testing for any new chemicals entering the market.
  • Clarity about the risks of every toxin included in products on the label. 
  • Inclusion of the toxic ingredients used in the processes of making ingredients and their potential risks on the label. 
  • Information about the total volume of toxic ingredients used in each product so consumers can properly gauge their personal intake. 
  • Companies transparency stating if their ingredients have been tested for health risks. 
    • Industry taxing for manufacturing pollution, packaging waste, and animal cruelty for a balanced market price. 
    February 19, 2020 — Kimiko Foster

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