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Getting started with green beauty can be overwhelming. We created this checklist to help you save money and time as you shift into a holistic way of shopping. 

Before you go

  • Check yourself. Before you go shopping (online or in-person) pick 1-3 products you would like to switch and why. For example, deodorant and toothpaste, or shampoo and conditioner, or face care products. 

  • Pick your nonnegotiables. Write a list of the ethics you care about the most. This will help you keep your bearings while you are shopping

    • Local, refillable, cruelty-free, organic, affordable, results. 

    • Shopping online or in-person? Go to a store that is trustworthy. Do not go to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy green beauty.

      • Health food stores, zero-waste stores, eco-beauty stores, etc..

      Out and About

      • Read ingredients - Can you recognize them? Can you eat them? How long is the list? 

      • Check for certifications - Leaping Bunny, Planet B, Non-GMO, Organic, Fair-trade, are examples of 3rd party certifications companies can apply for. *Please note: not all companies will have these certifications because of the expense and size you have to be in order to apply. 

      • Brand investigation - Who owns this brand? Is there a parent company that does not follow your values? 

      • Where was this product made? 

      • Who are they trying to fool? Greenwashing is a multi-million dollar industry when companies spend money to appear environmentally friendly instead of doing anything. (What is Greenwashing)

      Where to start?

      February 19, 2020 — Kimiko Foster

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